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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Computer Science (CSI)

Research areas include big data, bioinformatics, competitive learning, human-computer interfaces, machine learning, player interaction and software engineering.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research in ECE focuses on these areas:
Cyber-Physical Systems & Wireless
Photonics & Optics
Spectrum Engineering & Radar
Microwave Metrology
DSP & Communications
Robotics & Embedded Systems
Imaging, Computational Theory & Uncertain
Time-Scale Dynamic Systems
Power & Energy Systems
Quantum Mechanics & Computing

Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering maintains rigorous high standards, emphasizing quality teaching and a high level of interaction among faculty and students. Students engage in unique, cutting-edge research that will equip them for leadership in a competitive job market and a meaningful career. Mechanical Engineering research is focused on 3 key areas: Thermal & Energy Engineering; Natural & Advanced Materials Engineering; and Biomechanics Experimentation, Design, and simulation.

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