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Mechanical Engineering: Vibration isolation for robot ; Autonomous lawnmower ; Vibration isolation for MAV ; MAV wind tunnel ; Diesel particulate filter ; Catalytic converter temperature sensor ; Kite winch ; Adjustable pitch propeller ; Knee joint ; Slip ring performance characterization ; Drop test station ; Target track system ; Virtual combat trainer door ; MEMS actuator prototype ; Tri-generation system ; Autophagous battery; CAPS propeller/motor demonstration ; CERN levelmeter ; Acquaculture ; Advanced Power Systems; Magnet Technology; Integrated Design Systems; Formula 1 SAE Race Car Project (Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering)
Electrical Engineering: Autonomous robotic systems for IEEE Southeastcon Hardware Competition: Recycling Robot, Return to the Moon, Basketball Robot, Airport Package Sorter, The Hunting Season Solar Car Formula-Hybrid Race Car NASA Lunar Regolith Excavator Student Competition Maple Seed Sensor Network LabView RT based ACU with Smart Motors "Efficient Use of Backup Power" -Wireless generator control system using Zigbee communications )\ Digital Communication System using Adaptive Rate Delta Modulation Firefighting Robot Competition
Concrete Canoe (Civil Engineering, ASCE, Master Builders) Design and race canoe built from Portland cement concrete.
Steel Bridge (Civil Engineering,ASCE, AISC) Design and construct a 20' steel bridge which will carry a load of 2500 lbs, judged for weight, stiffnes, construction time)
Geotechnical Design (Civil Engineering, ASCE) Design and construction of footings, retaining walls, etc. for various criteria.
Environmental Design (Civil Engineering, ASCE) Design and construction of water treatment system, biological filter etc.
Radio-controlled model air boat (Mechanical Engineering).
Debris removal system for hydroelectric dam (Mechanical Engineering).
Preamplifier Noise Measurements (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Performance monitoring system for thermal electric generating plant (Mechanical Engineering).
Methanol Synthesis Plant (Chemical Engineering)
Design and Economic Evaluation of an Ethane-propane Separation Facility (Chemical Engineering)
Design and Selection of a Pump and Piping for a Municipal Water Treatment Facility (Chemical Engineering)
Design of a Broadband PCS Receiver (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Magnetic Design Synthesis - Design and Development of a Variable Magnetic Field Pattern Generator (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Spherical Mirror Fiber-Optic Switch (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Signal Processor for Laser/CCD Imaging Interface Walmart Warehouse Robot Forklift project; Third annual ION Autonomous Lawnmower Competition; IEEE 2006/7 Southeastern Hardware Comptition. (Electrical and Computer Engineering).