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FAMU-FSU College of Engineering - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Required High School Course Units
Specific high school course units are required for admissions to the freshman class. An academic unit is the equivalent of a year-long course that is not remedial in nature. Upon graduation from high school, applicants must have earned four (4) units of English (at least three (3) with substantial writing requirements); three (3) units of mathematics (algebra I level and higher); three (3) units of natural science (at least two (2) with laboratory); three (3) units of social science (includes history, civics, political science, economics, sociology, psychology, and geography); two (2) sequential units of the same foreign language; and three (3) elective units (preferably from the English, mathematics, natural science, social science, or foreign language areas). The units listed above represent the minimum required for admission consideration. Most students accepted to the University exceed the minimum.
Academic Qualification
Most Florida students accepted to the University present at least a 'B+' average in all academic subjects (grades 9 through 12) and test scores of at least 24 (composite on the ACT or 1100 (critical reading and mathematics sections) on the SAT. Non-Florida applicants will be held to higher standards. In addition to academic grade point average and test scores, a variety of additional factors are considered. These include a written essay, the pattern and quality of courses and curriculum, grade trends, class rank, and educational objectives. Applicants who bring to the University community other important attributes may also receive additional consideration. These applicants include visual and performing artists and skilled athletes.


See current catalog for application procedures. Application information is also available at web sites and Additional admissions requirements for the College of Engineering is available at