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Michigan Technological University - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

B.S. programs in engineering technology require a minimum of 127 semester credits meeting general education guidelines of the institution and ABET accreditation standards. Graduating students must achieve a 2.00 GPA overall and in their major department.

Master's Degree Requirements

The M.S. in Integrated Geospatial Technology, and the MS in Medical Informatics, each require a minimum of 30 semester credits including up to 10 credits of research. Students can choose the M.S. with either a thesis (up to 10 credits) or an independent study report (up to 6 credits). In addition, there is a coursework only option. Graduating students must defend their theses or reports, if applicable, and must achieve a 3.00 GPA overall and must have B's or better in courses taken in their major department.