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Michigan Technological University - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Computer Network and System Administration
  1. network security
  2. network engineering
  3. computer-cyber ethics
  4. cybersecurity
Construction Management
  1. sustainable construction
Electrical Engineering Technology
  1. sensors and instrumentation technology
  2. electronic communications
  3. industrial and process control systems
  4. advanced microcomputer and digital applications
  5. robotics and industrial automation
  6. programmable logic design and testing
  7. programmable controllers
  8. electric power systems
Integrated Geospatial Technology
  1. LiDAR scanning
  2. data fusion
  3. unmanned aerial systems
Mechanical Engineering Technology
  1. manufacturing systems and practices
  2. advanced manufacturing methods
  3. internal combustion engines and advanced energy systems
  4. computer aided modeling CAD/CAM
  5. hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  6. mechanical drives and linkages
Medical Informatics
  1. medical application development
  2. medical record security
  3. big data
Surveying Engineering
  1. surveying
  2. GIS/photogrammetry
  3. geodesy/GPS
  4. measurement analysis and adjustment