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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

B.S. programs in engineering require between 127 and 134 semester credits depending on the major. Students must meet general education requirements and ABET accreditation standards. Graduating students must achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA overall and in their major department.

Master's Degree Requirements

M.S. programs in engineering require a minimum of 30 semester credits including up to 10 credits of research. Most departments offer the M.S. with a thesis (up to 10 credits), an independent study report (up to 6 credits), or allow for coursework only. Graduating students must defend their theses or reports, if applicable, and must achieve a 3.00 GPA overall and must have BC's or better in courses taken in their major department. Most M.S. programs also offer an accelerated Master's, where students can apply the same 6 credits to both their Bachelor's and their M.S. degrees. The Master of Engineering degree allows for an optional 2 to 4 credit practicum instead of a thesis or report.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

There are no general coursework requirements for the PhD degree. Each department or program has its own set of procedures that are approved by the Graduate Council. Graduating students must pass a qualifying exam, defend a preliminary research proposal, and defend their final dissertation. There is a minimum requirement of 30 coursework/research credits past the masters or 60 credits past the Bachelors.