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Student Design Projects Description

Senior Design Projects
Computer Systems Technology:

DESCRIPTION: Construction of a website template for a financial business that adheres to the principle of responsive web design.

DESCRIPTION: Created a web-based application that helps farmer manage their operations field, landowner, employee, inventory, equipment, and field input information. Our system allows farmer to access their information from anywhere giving them the ability to always have the information they need to run a successful operation.

DESCRIPTION: Created a computer network model that simulates a company’s network infrastructure or a virtual enterprise network. The goal of choosing this specific project was to gain experience and knowledge of professional computer networking and security.

DESCRIPTION: Build a robot capable of navigating itself to a goal. It uses a form of machine learning called Q-Learning programmed in C#, which uses experience to build a map of its environment. This map allows the system to locate its goal from any known location.

DESCRIPTION: Redevelop a mobile web application for a currently existing hardware system. The system was a mechanism developed by the engineering department to dispense M&Ms from 2 plastic cylinders with rotating motors. The current model forces users to access the program via the laptop directly, and must remain near the device in order to control the dispenser. As a group we have decided on developing software as a web application, which will then be held on a web server developed as well by our group.

Mechanical Engineering Technology:

TITLE: Six-Axis Robot Arm
DESCRIPTION: A demonstration robot is needed to show the feasibility of creating a robot to facilitate certain repetitive or challenging tasks. This process will set a foundation for more advanced robots by allowing the researchers to create a programming method, and basic robot arm that is two feet long and can lift objects that are around two pounds.

TITLE: 3D Printer
DESCRIPTION: Design and manufacture a new prototype 3D printer produced solely by a team of engineering students in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at KSU Polytechnic.

TITLE: Abrasion Tester
DESCRIPTION: Design, build, and test an abrasion tester to determine the abrasiveness of bulk solid materials.

TITLE: Cat Cannon
DESCRIPTION: Redesign, build, and test Cat Cannon. The Cat Cannon is used at football games to launch t-shirts to the crowd.