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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

General Requirements
1.A student must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours taken from Arkansas Tech, at least 6 semesters hours of which must be upper division work in the student's major. Certain programs may have more rigorous standards due to, for example, accreditation standards or licensure requirements.
2.No more than a total of 30 semester hours of correspondence, extension, military service, or credit by examination work may be applied as credit towards a degree.
3.At least 120 semester hours (excluding pre-college level courses) must be successfully completed.
4.The cumulative grade point average must not be less than 2.00 and not more than 25 percent of the semester hours may carry the ā€œDā€ grade. Students must have a 2.00 grade point in their major and a 2.00 grade point in their minor, if applicable.
5.At least 40 semester hours must be in junior and senior courses, preferably more.
6.No more than four semester hours of activity credit may be counted toward graduation. The only exception is that a student may have the standard allowance of military credit (three hours of military science and three hours of PE credit) and four other hours of activity credit for a total of ten semester hours. A student registering for an activities course in excess of these limits receives no credit for the additional course and the grade is not included in the computation of grade point.
7.Only six hours of freshman English composition may be used to satisfy degree requirements.
8.For non-business majors, no more than 30 hours of courses offered by the College of Business may be counted towards completion of degree requirements.

Master's Degree Requirements

1.A minimum of 36 semester hours of coursework at the graduate level must be completed which includes twelve (12) semester hours in the common core, and an additional 24 semester hours which meet the requirements of one of the concentration areas listed below. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be at the 6000 level.
Additional requirements exist for each of three focus areas: Electrical, Mechanical and Nuclear.

Doctoral Degree Requirements