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University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Engineering - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The University of Oklahoma's Gallogly College of Engineering is committed to excellence and strives foster creativity, innovation and professionalism through dynamic research, development and learning experiences. Our faculty members promote Oklahoma's economy through research, instruction, public service and technology transfer. Half of all incoming freshman students enrolled in the Fall 2015 semester received a scholarship through one of the following programs: Distinguished Freshman Scholarship, Tomorrow's Engineers or National Scholars. The Fall 2015 undergraduate enrollment is at a record high with nearly 3,172 students including 311 National Merit Scholars and more than 500 students participating in the Honors Program. The student body is diverse, including 24% underrepresented minorities and 24% women, which is well above the national norms of approximately 18% in these categories. We highly value experiential learning and professional development. We consistently rank high in nearly all national competition teams, including the Sooner Racing Team, Electric Vehicle, Design-Build-Fly and Concrete Canoe. In addition to the technical strength of our programs, we also highly value the impact of collaboration, teamwork and the ability to communicate effectively. Overall, the Fall 2015 engineering freshman class had an average ACT/SAT combined score of 28.5. The College has numerous Study Abroad programs (summer, semester, and/or year-long), as well as internship and co-op opportunities. Additionally, students benefit from the career counseling and guidance, career fairs, and job search and placement opportunities provided by the University's Career Services department. The Honors College provides students who excel academically the opportunity to develop their intellectual potential to the fullest, utilizing the best research and teaching faculty from all undergraduate colleges of the university. Special honors courses are offered at both the upper and lower-division levels. The courses are limited to approximately nineteen students with enrollment restricted to members of the Honors College.