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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

All freshman applicants must submit an application for admission, a non-refundable application processing fee, an official high school transcript and a copy of ACT or SAT scores. Applications must be completed by February 15 for fall admission, by October 15 for spring admission. Admission for freshman applicants is based on high school grades, national college admission test results and successful completion of the required precollege curriculum. Minimum entry requirement is ACT Math score of 23 or higher or the SAT equivalent. Required HS courses: English (4 yrs), Math including Algebra I & II and Geometry (3 yrs), Science chosen from Biology, Chemistry & Physics (2 yrs), Social Studies incl American History & World Civ (2 yrs). Recommended HS courses: Foreign Language (2 yrs), Computers (1 yr), Mechanical Drawing (1 yr) Fourth year of Math (1 yr). A new student is admitted into a pre-engineering major or pre-computer science major within the College at the time of admission to the institution. For the first semester only, a new freshman may register as Undeclared Engineering, choosing a major at the end of the first semester.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Admission to engineering standing in any major requires submission of an application for engineering standing in a department, completion of at least 35 hours toward the degree program with a minimum GPA of 2.5, completion of the program requirements with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in freshman English, freshman chemistry, physics course(s), calculus courses and completion of the additional specific program admission requirements.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

1. International Application for Undergraduate Admission
2. $60 non-refundable application processing fee
3. Official Transcripts: All secondary school and college/university level transcripts must be submitted for review. The transcripts must be official and in student’s native language. Student will also need to provide another official transcript that has been translated into English by their secondary school or college/university. (PHOTOCOPIES, SCANNED IMAGES, OR FAXES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED). College/university transcripts from institutions outside of the United States will be evaluated for transfer credit. To insure student receives the most transfer credit possible, student may choose to have their transcripts evaluated by a professional credential evaluation agency.
4. Course Descriptions or Syllabi for transfer applicants: Transfer applicants are required to provide course descriptions or syllabi in both native language and in English translation for all the courses on student’s transcript. They must be on official letterhead from all of the institutions student has attended. If admitted, this will allow our Transfer Equivalency Office to begin the course evaluation process before student arrives on campus. (PHOTOCOPIES, SCANNED IMAGES, OR FAXES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).
5. Bank Statement on bank letterhead is required. Scanned or faxed copies of the official bank statement or an original bank statement will be accepted. Please show an available balance in U.S. dollars of $38,500 if applying for the 2016 Spring and Fall Semesters. Fees are subject to change.
6. Complete the Sponsor Guarantee Form
7. English Proficiency: 
The University of Kentucky accepts official TOEFL and IELTS results from the testing headquarters. The minimum TOEFL score of 71 (iBT), 197 (cbt) or 527 (paper-based) or a minimum score of 6.0 on the IELTS is required for admission to the University of Kentucky. To order official scores, please contact: 
TOEFL UK's Office of Undergraduate Admission TOEFL code is 1234.
8. Freshman applicants who wish to be considered for academic scholarships or a major within UK's College of Engineering must also provide Official ACT or SAT Results. To order an official score report, please contact: 
ACT or (319) 337-1313. UK's school code is 1554.
 SAT or (866) 756-7346. UK's school code is 1837.
9. Academic Letter of Recommendation: All first-time freshman applicants must submit an academic letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor. The recommender can submit this electronically or can download a PDF version, complete it, and mail it to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.
10. A copy of student’s passport. Additional documents may be requested at time of application.

Faxes and photocopies of official documents will not be accepted.

Applications must reach the admissions office by May 15 for fall admission, by October 15 for spring admission

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as for resident students

Residency Requirements

Students must complete at least 30 of the last 36 credit hours at the University of Kentucky. No more than 67 semester transfer hours will be accepted from a two-year college toward degree.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

All transfer applicants must submit one official transcript from each college/univ attended, roster of the courses in which the student is currently enrolled and a final official transcript of work completed. Minimum cum. GPA on all work taken is 2.0. Minimum cum. GPA of 2.0 at the last school attended.