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University of Maryland, College Park - 2016

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Solar House, Future Truck, Walking Robot, Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, TI DSP Project, Jousting Robots, High Mileage Vehicle, Lawn Mower Safety, Concrete Toboggan, Ranger Telerobotic Spacecraft, Environmental Design Competition, NASA Student Launch Program, AIAA Remotely Piloted Vehicle Competition, CPS-Aided Robotics, Advanced Heat Pump Design, Pinball, Hybrid rockets, "NASA means Business", testing under weightlessness conditions; pressure suit glove experiments, stability of parashield re-entry vehicle. Redemption Machine, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Indoor Wireless, Beacon Emergency Locator, Materials Processing, Advanced Reactor Design, Radiation Engineering, Integrated Computer-Aided Systems Engineering, Project Teams that Involve Maryland Students and Businesses to Interact and Approach Current Industrial Needs, SAE Formula Car, Human Powered Submarine, Autonomous Robot, Hand Tool Enhancement, "Six Sigma" Applications, Gamera Human-Powered Helicopter Project