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University of Maryland, College Park - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The B.S. degree is offered in eight engineering departments plus a general engineering major in which a student may combine study in two engineering fields or in an engineering field and a non-engineering field. The college provides cooperative education and internship opportunities to students. Students are encouraged to participate in international study, internship and research experiences. The college offers a minor in international engineering, project management,nanotechnmology, nuclear engineering, and engineering leadership. The college has a number of 3/2 agreements with liberal arts institutions. In addition, the B.S. in computer engineering is jointly offered with the department of Computer Science in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences. Students may be invited to participate in the GEMSTONE program which combines students in Engineering and other majors in a living and learning environment to work together on a major project with societal impact. Students work on a common project while taking courses together. Students may also be invited to participate in College Park Scholars, a living-learning program where students can choose to study with a variety of students various scientific or non-scientific concentrations. Another innovative new program for undergraduates is Inventis: The Academy of Engineering Scholars. Its focus is on creating a small community of highly talented and ambitious students, mentored by distinguished faculty. The Academy will provide special academic enrichment programs as well as carefully tailored research and teaching opportunities. Two programs (QUEST and Hinman CEO), offered by the Business and Engineering Schools respectively, focus on students interested in starting their own businesses. Students live on campus in specially equipped residence halls. Engineering students may also be invited to participate in the University Honor's program.