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University of the Pacific - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


University of the Pacific does not require a fixed pattern of secondary school courses, but the applicants are expected to complete a strong college preparatory program. This would include courses in the fields of English, Social Science, Foreign Languages, Laboratory Sciences and Mathematics. Admission is selective and each applicant will be considered on a basis of a variety of factors which are evaluated through a very personalized review process. Special emphasis is placed on the coursework selected, the grades achieved and the cumulative grade point average. Supporting recommendations from the school counselor or teacher are also important.


English-4 years; Fine/Performing Arts-1 year; Foreign Language-2 years; Mathematics-4 years for Science & Technical majors; 3 years for all other majors. Math sequence through Trigonometry or Calculus. Pre-calculus recommended. Lab Science-3 years for Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Science & Technical majors; 2 years for all other majors; Electives-1 year for Science & Technical majors; 4 years for all other majors (college preparatory courses).