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University of the Pacific - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil Engineering

Stormwater Treatment, Oilwater Emulsion Treatment, Properties and Performance of Glass-Ceramics, Zooplankton-Phytoplankton Interactions.

Computer Engineering

Iris Classification and Biometrics, Sensor Networks, Surface Hardness Classification with UAV.

Computer Science

ERP Systems Implementation, Computer Intelligence, Computer Game Technology, Computer Networking, Computer Vision & Graphics, Computing Theory, Data Visualization, Distributed Computing, Massively Parallel Computation, Networking, Numerical Methods for Engr., Object Oriented Database, Project Management, Data Sketching for Large Data Analysis.

Mechanical Engineering

Combustion, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Numerical Methods for Engineering, Wind Energy, Properties of Advanced Magnetic Tapes, Tool Wear Measurement.

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