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Valparaiso University - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering (CoE) at Valparaiso University offers exclusively undergraduate degree programs that stress interactions between teachers and learners who are committed to academic excellence. The CoE has small lectures and laboratories with hands-on experience. Experienced faculty members present all lectures and personally direct all laboratories. All entering students are required to have a PC for their personal use. Computer use is integral to all facets of the engineering program. The CoE offers an optional Cooperative Education Program (five years)--three summers and two semesters as a para-professional in an engineering organization. The CoE offers optional summer internships, an optional double degree program, optional undergraduate research opportunities, and an optional overseas program. The CoE also offers an engineering major with either a civil engineering, electrical engineering, humanitarian engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical, or business administration minor. With the business administration minor, an MBA or an MBA with a concentration in Engineering Management degree can be obtained in one calendar year.