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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

As a national leader in engineering education and research, The Ohio State University College of Engineering prides itself on the quality of its graduates. Transcending the traditional lecture/lab approach and instilling an early appreciation of the engineering profession, the college places a high priority on experiential learning, including design-build experiences in the first year and multidisciplinary team capstone design projects in the senior year. Every student also benefits from numerous internship, laboratory research, and co-op and design competition opportunities. More than 25 competitive project teams offer hands-on experience for students to tackle real-world challenges, get involved and work collaboratively. Many of these teams include a charitable outreach component. In addition, active interdisciplinary research programs, often enhanced with industry connections, offer students the advantage of conducting basic research and further developing applied engineering solutions. With the establishment of the new Department of Engineering Education in late 2015, the college is better positioned to support undergraduate education as well as graduate-level research in engineering education as a growing discipline. Students can choose from 14 undergraduate, 13 master's, 12 doctoral degree programs and 1 professional degree program within the college; interdisciplinary degree programs, combined BS/MS degrees and minors within and outside the college also are available. The depth and breadth of other colleges at Ohio State afford engineering students a myriad of multidisciplinary education and research experiences. They graduate with the skills to negotiate real-world situations, the confidence to offer innovative alternatives to conventional solutions and use the ethical foundation to inspire future generations of engineers.