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Tennessee Technological University - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

*Design and fabrication of Hot Rod Drilling Machine for drilling multiple holes on Styro foam
*Design of an all-terrain vehicle capable of carrying an adult around a competitive series of events checking speed,
maneuverability, strength, and durability.
*Design and fabrication of “Hand Cranked Quadricycle” for special needs children
*Design and fabrication of a Drilling Machine for OSB for drilling multiple holes
*Design and Development of an Autonomous Basketball Robot Player
*Design & Development of a Wireless Sub meter for Heavy Residential Loads
*Design and Development of Wireless HMI for Industrial Machines
*Design of a 4-lane bypass for US 158 near Stokesdale, NC, including roadway plans, erosion control plans, and structural plans showing existing and planned profiles and cross sections with quantities and a cost estimate
*Design of a ceramics processing plant in Georgia, including roadway and railway plans to provide access to the facility; wetland mitigation, permitting, and storm water quality plans for the site; and foundation and framing plans for the multi-level structure including covered train access through the facility
*Design of improvements to the intersection of SR 62 and Keith Avenue in Knoxville, TN, relative to the Shanklin Law, including development of multiple alternatives, selection of a preferred alternative, roadway design for the improved intersection and any additional affected highways, structural design of bridge and/or retaining walls required, an environmental review of the selected alternative with roadway drainage plans
- Mobile Inventory Management and Patient Delivery System (American Home Patient)
- Associate Login Request/Maintenance (Averitt Express)
- Evacuation Congestion Simulator (FlowServe)
- KAYAK Content Management System (KAYAK)
- Mosaic Maker (KAYAK)
- Personal Protective Equipment Tracker (Schneider-Electric)
- Performance Specification Database Search App (TAP Publishing)

*Development of Ammonia Production Processes
*Process Design for Ethanol from Switchgrass
*Process Design for Wine Making
*Process Design for Production of Poly Vinyl Acetate
*Design of Air Quality and Emissions Control Process
*Process Design for Production of Bio-crude by Pyrolysis
*Process Design for Production of Nitro Alkanes
*Design, building and Testing of a Hybrid Go-Kart
*Design, building and testing an efficient a continuous production hydrogen generator
Design, building, and testing of a Solar Thermal Water Management System (STWMS)