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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences provides an optimal opportunity for students to achieve educational objectives appropriate to their interests in engineering, mathematics, computer science and the physical sciences. The college offers outstanding educational programs in each of its twelve primary disciplines, all of which lead to the bachelor of science degree. Alternatively, students may earn a bachelor of arts degree by pursuing a broader liberal arts education coupled with majors in mathematics or one of the physical sciences. All programs include an opportunity for study in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Each spring the College hosts an undergraduate research conference that involves over 500 CEPS undergraduates in juried poster sessions.

The college also offers an exchange programs with Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. The program is designed for students to study for a semester away during their junior year. There is no loss in time to graduation as the programs are coordinated with the UNH department offerings. On addition, the college is a member of the Global Engineering Education Exchange (G E3) consortium, which provides UNH engineering students the opportunity to study in more that 50 institutions worldwide.

The key to an undergraduate program in the college is flexibility, with a strong emphasis on personal and individualized education. In addition to specific programs, a number of options are available. Special programs can be developed to meet the specific interests of individual students.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers a BS degree in Computer Engineering. This program is an interdisciplinary degree with the Computer Science Department.

The Computer Science Department also offers B.S. degrees in Bio-informatics and Information Technology.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers an undergraduate degree (B.S.) in Ocean engineering.

The College offers undergraduate minor programs of study in all of the major programs. Additional minors can be earned in