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University of California, Riverside - 2016

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BIEN Interactive orthotics: Plantar Tech
BIEN MechanoFlow Diagnostics: VieStamp: a novel blood extraction device
BIEN MyOwnLimbs
BIEN TouchSight
BIEN Halcyon Orthopedics: Metacarpal nailing system
BIEN BioFlow Monitor
BIEN Mobile User Sign-language Equipment
BIEN RICM attachment
BIEN TRU Medical Devices: Gentle Touch Delivery System
BIEN Hemaguard
BIEN BestRest
BIEN SynoFlex Motorized knee brace
BIEN Thermo-regulated sample holder
BIEN The XHaler
CEE Integrated Appliance System for homes: Drying, Space Heating and Water Heating from Solar Energy
CEE Rice Husk Particleboard: A Termite-resistant and Sustainable Building Material for the Philippines
CEE NOx-Out Technology for Small Off-road Engines such as generators
CEE Technology for the Reduction of Particulate Matter Emissions from Commercial Cooking
CEE Industrial-Scale Ethanol Production by Fermentation and Co-solvent Enhanced Lignocellulosic Fractionation
CEE Co-solvent Enhanced Lignocellulosic Fractionation - Catalytic Method
CEE Produced Water Treatment for Oil Hydrofracking Sites in Eagle Ford, Texas
CEE A Mobile Treatment System for Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania
CEE Development of a Smog-reducing Coating for Roofs
CEE Ethyl Acetate Production using Kluyveromyces marxianus
CEE Organic Replacements for Silicon-based Photovoltaic Cells
CEE Renovating the UCR Greenhouses
CEE Flue Gas Desulfurization: Wastewater Treatment
CEE Plant Design for the Making of Bricks Supplemented with Coal Ash
CEE Converting Waste Latex Gloves into Value-Added Commodities
CEE Integration of Microbial Fuel Cells for the Treatment of Greek Yogurt Waste
CEE Photocatalytic Degradation of Environmental Pollutants for the Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System
CEE On-Campus Bioremediation of Blackwater and Graywater
Sustainable Improvements for the Community R'Garden location
CEE Design and Build of a Versatile Distillation Unit for Instructional Needs
CEE Design of an On-Campus Wastewater Treatment System for the Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexico
CSE Yik Yak clone (Android app)
CSE Splitwise (website) clone
CSE UnBlock Me clone (web-based game)
CSE YikYak clone (iOS app)
CSE Instagram clone (Android app)
CSE clone (website)
CSE Listverse clone (website)
CSE The Shell
CSE The file system
CSE The thread management system
CSE The device simulation systems
ECE: Unmanned Ground Vehicle
ECE: Internet-connected sun-tracking solar panels
ECE: Internet-connected smart home
ECE: Photovoltaic Powered RC Car
ECE: Miniture Street Light
ECE: Sumo robot
ECE: Photovoltaic Powered Speed Display System
ECE: Photovoltaic Power System
ECE: Internet-connected smoke alarm for the deaf
ECE: Autonomous Robotic Vehicle
ECE: Star Power
ECE: Photovoltaic Power System
ECE: Face tracking surveillance camera
ECE: Autonomous Ground Vehicle
ECE: Unmanned Ground Vehicle
ECE: Humanoid Robot
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Assistive device for the blind
ECE: Smart door camera
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Smart Recycling
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Sumo robot
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ECE: Anti Bike-Theft System
ME Bubble Lubrication System for Piping
ME Desks for Automotives
ME Variable Illumination Bike Light
ME Keepin’ “It Wheel” Wheelchair
ME Multi-Position Actuator
ME Assisted Furniture and Appliance
ME Immersive 3 Axis Affordable
ME Roadway Electricity Generation
ME Modular Furniture
ME Engine Dynamometer
ME Robots For Relief
ME Material Handling System
ME Mobile Platforms for Auto Equipment
ME Maintaining Uniform Die Temperature in Die Casting
ME Re-Design of a Pulsation Dampener for Clean-in-Place Applications
ME Re-Design of a Pulsation Dampener for Extreme Temperature Applications
ME Dampener Charge Monitoring and Control System
ME Automated Battery Electrolyte Dumping System
ME Automated Battery Washing Station
ME Automated Battery Electrolyte Dumping System
ME Scalable Oven
ME Renewable Energy based Desalination System
ME Longevity Design Challenge - Balancing Exercise and Feedback Device
ME Longevity Design Challenge - Seated to Standing Motion Assist Device
ME Longevity Design Challenge - Elderly Balancing and Ankle Support
ME Battery Terminal Leak Testing System