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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Applications are submitted to the desired department within the College via the UCR Graduate Division website at After consultation between the department and Graduate Division, the Dean of the Graduate Division makes offers of admission.

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

The basic requirement for admission is a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution with a major appropriate to the proposed graduate program. The degree must represent the completion of a program equivalent both in the distribution of academic subject matter and scholarship achievement comparable to that offered at the University of California. Satisfying minimal standards does not guarantee admission since the number of qualified applicants far exceeds the number of places available. As a result, many well-qualified applicants cannot be accommodated.

A minimum 3.2 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) in the junior and senior years is expected and at least a 3.5 GPA in any graduate studies. The actual admission criterion varies year to year, depending on the pool of applicants.

Only GRE scores on the General (Aptitude) test are required for admission to both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. All students applying for Fall should take the GRE test no later than December. Applicants for Winter should take the GRE test no later than October. The test must be taken within five (5) years of the desired date of admission. The minimal GRE score (the sum of the verbal and quantitative scores) required to be admitted is 1100. A minimum score of 1200 is required to be a Teaching Assistant, however the pool is quite competitive and generally students scoring significantly above this range are selected as teaching assistants.

All applicants whose first language is not English and who have not earned an advanced degree at an institution where English is the exclusive language of instruction must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This exam must be taken within two years of intended enrollment at UCR. The minimum acceptable scores are: 550 for the written exam; 213 for the computer-based exam, and 80 for the internet-based exam (iBT).

UCR will accept scores from the Academic Modules of the International English Language Testing System IELTS). The exam must be taken within two years of the time you intend to enroll at UCR. The minimum acceptable scores are: overall band score of 7 with no individual section score less than 6.

Three letters of recommendation are required in suppor1 of all applications fur admission. At least two of these letters should be requested from professors in your major subject. Contact information for recommenders should be submitted at the time of application via the online application system. Recommendation letters will be requested from the references via e-mail and submitted directly to the online application system.

Applicants are required to submit official records from each academic institution attended after secondary school. Official records are original documents issued by the institution that bear the actual signature of the registrar in ink and the seal of the issuing institution. Notarized documents are not acceptable. To be considered as official, these documents must be sent directly to the academic program at UCR from the issuing institution.

All official academic records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations prepared by the issuing institution. Specially prepared English versions are not acceptable in place of documents issued in the original language. If translations are not available from the institution itself, they may be prepared by government or official translators. For translations to be acceptable, they must bear the stamp or seal of the issuing institution or governmental agency and the original signature of the translator. They must be complete and exact word-for-word translations of the original documents, not interpretations. Grades must not be converted to a US scale. Records submitted for review may not be borrowed, photocopied, returned to you or sent elsewhere.

Academic records must show the dates of enrollment, all subjects or courses, units, credits or hours, and grades in each subject. If rank is determined by the results of comprehensive examinations, records should show the examination date and your scores, rank, class and division. All records must include a complete description of institutional grading scales or other standards of evaluation with maximum grades and minimum marks indicated. If official academic records issued by the institution do not list the courses or subjects studied in preparation for comprehensive examinations or identify the topics on which you were examined, you should prepare one copy of course descriptions or lists of lectures, seminars, or laboratory periods attended during the academic year. Wherever possible you should include hours per week devoted to each subject and marks earned in the subject. Such course descriptions or lists should be certified as complete and accurate by a university official or the supervisor of your studies.

You must also submit official evidence of the conferral of all degrees, diplomas or professional titles and the date of the formal conferral (month and year). These certificates should indicate the exact name of the degree, diploma, or title as it is known in the country of origin and not in US terms. If you are applying before the end of your final year of study, send a supplementary record showing completion of all remaining coursework and evidence of the degree as soon as it is available.


For Financial Support Consideration (only considered for Fall admission): January 5

For Admission Only:
Domestic Applicants: Fall: September 1
Winter: December 1
Spring: March 1
International Applicants: Fall: April 1
Winter: July 1
Spring: October 1.

For full consideration of financial support, your application must be received by January 5 (for fall only). Only a limited amount of graduate support is available for first-year graduate students. These are awarded strictly on merit.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

GRE minimum: 1100; official transcripts and degree certificates; GPA (3.2 undergraduate, 3.5 graduate); 3 letters of recommendation; TOEFL minimum 550.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

GRE minimum: 1100; official transcripts and degree certificates; GPA (3.2 undergraduate, 3.5 graduate); 3 letters of recommendation.

Residency Requirements

For the Masters degree, the requirement is three quarters of study, two of which must be spent on the Riverside campus.

For the Doctoral degree, the requirement is six quarters in the University of California, three of which must be spent in continuous residence on the Riverside campus.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Masters candidates may apply for graduate study noting the courses and sources of their transfer work. Applicable transfer work will be determined by the department and the Graduate Division. For Doctoral candidates, transfer credit is determined by the department and the Graduate Dean. Units from another University of California campus may be used to satisfy one of the three quarters of residence and may be counted for up to one-half of the total units required for the UCR Masters degree. A maximum of 8 units from outside the UC system may be counted towards the Masters degree.