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York College of Pennsylvania - 2016

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Engineering Information

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

All Engineering majors complete three semesters of salaried professional work through the Engineering Cooperative Education ("co-op") Program. The Program is supported in part by an active partnership of regional industrial and business organizations. This partnership provides financial resources for engineering scholarships and laboratory development, and co-op opportunities for students.
All Engineering students undergo regular exposure to the profession and practice of engineering. This occurs through client- and national society-based design projects as well as through involvement with professional societies including seminars, field trips, dinner meetings, and student-chapter activities.
York College is committed to providing its Engineering majors with the highest quality educational experience possible. Our programs feature small classes and labs taught by full-time faculty, closeness with faculty and fellow students both within and beyond the academic realm, and a rich and open relationship with the faculty and student body as a whole.