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Loyola University Maryland - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The four-year, undergraduate Engineering Science Program at Loyola University Maryland combines the university’s exceptional liberal arts resources with robust coverage of both traditional and emerging areas of engineering to produce graduates who are ready to excel in today’s diverse and rapidly changing environment. Students receive broad-based instruction in engineering fundamentals, while also choosing to specialize in one of four concentration areas: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. Each of these concentrations fits under the umbrella degree Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science (BSES). Loyola’s engineering graduates are known not only for their broad technical abilities but also for their strong oral and written communication skills as well as their understanding of how
engineering serves and fits into the larger world. The program is strongly focused on undegraduate education. All lecture and laboratory courses are taught by full time and part-time faculty (no graduate assistants).