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Louisiana State University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Complete established curriculum with 2.0 gpa for all work taken at LSU and at US institutions; 2.0 gpa on all courses in major at LSU and at US institutions (except for Petroleum Eng which requires min GPA of 2.8); meet residency requirements; demonstrate English, Math and Physics proficiency; checkout in the semester prior to graduation. LSU employs a grading system whereby all efforts are used to compute gpa.

Master's Degree Requirements

The min. requirement is 30 semester hrs of grad. work, 24 hrs of which must be coursework and 6 hrs in thesis research. For non-thesis programs, the min. requirement is normally 36 hrs. Each candidate is required to pass a comprehensive final exam. This exam may be oral, written, or both, depending on the dept. concerned. Each student must meet all academic and residence req. set by the Graduate School and the dept concerned. A min. gpa of 3.0/4.0 is req. in all grad coursework and an 'S' in research courses.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The coursework needed is equivalent to three years of full-time study beyond the B.S. degree. One full academic yr. of continuous residence as a full-time graduate student must be earned at LSU after the 'Program of Study' is received by the Grad. School. Students are required to pass the general exam, which may be written and/or oral. Candidates must maintain continuous registration for a min. of 3 sem hrs of credit each semester from the completion of the general exam to the end of the semester in which an approved dissertation is submitted to the Grad. School. Students are required to prepare a dissertation and pass the final exam.