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Lehigh University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research strengths include energy, process modelling and control, biotechnology, polymeric materials, "green" chemical processing and catalysis.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research strengths include structural analysis and design of large and tall structures, fatigue and fracture, hydrology, geotechnology, environmental science and engineering, and water resource engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering

Research strengths include artificial intelligence and robotics, bioinformatics, computer engineering, computer vision and pattern recognition, databases and information systems, networking and security, web systems.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research strengths include biotechnology and sensors, communications and signal processing, computer engineering, nanoelectronics and mems, photonics and display technologies.

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research strengths include manufacturing, service/system science, optimization, logistics/supply chain, statistics/stochastics, healthcare systems, computation engineering/information technology and financial engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering

Research strengths include electron microscopy, biomaterials, ceramics and glasses, electronic materials, metals and alloys, nanomaterials and nanocomposites, optical materials and polymers.

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Research strengths include control systems, dynamics, fluid mechanics, engineering materials, product design and manufacturing, mechatronics, solid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

ATLSS Engineering Research Center

Research strengths include structural materials & systems earthquake- resistent structures, intelligent infrastructure, and materials joining system.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Institute

Focuses on the dissemination of engineering and scientific knowledge required to develop biotechnical and pharmaceutical industry process and products.

Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Research strengths include nano characterization, packaging science,
interface science, self assembly, and sintering. Multi-Institutional sharing of Materials Education via the internet.

Center for Mfg. Systems Engineering

Research strengths include manufacturing processes and systems.

Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics (CPN)

A multidisciplinary center for research in micro- and nano-scale electronics, photonics, and infrared THz photonics, with a specific focus on energy and health science applications.

Center for Polymer Science and Engineering

Research strengths include synthesis, processing, and design of polymer systems.

Center for Value Chain Research

Research strength includes: Modeling and Optimization of Supply Chain Operations, Collaborative Planning and Forecasting, Product Portfolio Management, Supply-Demand
Integration, Logistics and High Performance Computing.

Cntr. for Chem. Process Modeling and Control Res.

Research strengths include adaptive control, design and control integration, and model based control.

Energy Research Center

Research strengths include the production of electric power from fossil fuels.

Energy Systems Engineering Institute

Research strengths include the design, fabrication, and analysis of integrated circuits semiconductors and other electronic materials.

Enterprise Systems Center

Research strengths include the optimization of manufacturing facilities.

Institute for Metal Forming

Research strengths include the plastic deformation of steels and aluminum.

International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass

Research strengths include developing superior glasses through fundamental and applied research.