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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Students must complete departmental requirements of their degree program and University requirements. Bachelor's degrees are available in civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and environmental engineering. All courses required by the University must be taken for a letter grade unless a required course is only offered with a pass / no pass option.

Master's Degree Requirements

Students must complete departmental requirements of their degree program and University requirements. Master of Science degrees are available in civil engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering management. Master of Engineering is available in civil engineering, civil engineering management,electrical and computer engineering, engineering management, mechanical engineering, systems engineering and manufacturing engineering. University requirements include a minimum of 45 credits earned in approved graduate courses.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy in civil and environmental engineering - the program requirements include the
equivalent of at least two years of full-time graduate work beyond the master�s degree, a minimum of 24 hours of coursework, a comprehensive examination, prospectus defense, 27 hours of dissertation credit, and final dissertation defense.

Doctor of Philosophy in computer science - must complete an approved program of 90 graduate credits, including 18 credits of core courses and 27 credits of dissertation research. To be admitted to Ph.D. candidacy,
a student must pass the Ph.D. examination and must present an acceptable dissertation proposal.

Doctor of Philosophy in electrical and computer engineering - must complete a minimum of 45 graduate
credits in electrical and computer engineering and at least 9 graduate credits in a minor department outside the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, each Ph.D. student is required to present at least one departmental seminar. The comprehensive exam must be passed within 18 months after admission. The dissertation proposal must be approved 24 months after passing the comprehensive exam.

Doctor of Philosophy in Technology
Management - Successful completion of the equivalent of at least 60 credits of coursework beyond the Bachelors degree. 12 credits of independent study supervised by ETM faculty culminating in the preparation of a research paper evaluated by the ETM faculty. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination to demonstrate mastery of the Engineering and Technology Management field, including
the defense of the research paper referenced above. 27 dissertation
credits while conducting the research after the advancement to candidacy. Preparation of at least one publishable paper for a research journal or a recognized
refereed technical conference proceedings based upon the dissertation research. Defense of the dissertation.

Doctor in Philosophy in systems
science�mechanical engineering. The
Ph.D. in systems science�mechanical
engineering is a single-discipline option of the Systems Science Ph.D.
In addition to general System Science requirements the departmental requirements are a
master�s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent coursework, 9 credits of
Systems Science core courses, 9 credits of additional Systems Science or approved engineering systems-related courses, and 9
credits of other approved coursework. Twenty-seven credits of dissertation research are also required.