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Engineering Technology


Admission to Engineering Technology College

See below.

Admission to an Engineering Technology Department

For Engineering Technology and Management there are no requirements beyond University admission requirements.

For Technical Operations Management students must have a conferred associate degree from a two-year technical degree program (90 or more quarter hours or 60 or more semester hours) from a regionally accredited community college, regional campus, technical college or university and a combined grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Requirements are the same as for U.S. citizens and residents. International applicants are required to take an English placement test when they arrive on campus to determine if they need additional English instruction in the Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE). OPIE students may have to delay registering for regular courses until English skills have improved to ensure success in the classroom.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as residents.

Residency Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 30 semester credit hours while enrolled at Ohio University, and you must earn a minimum of 50 percent of coursework taken to fulfill your major concentration in residence with resident credit as defined above.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

For students with fewer than 20 semester hours of other University credit, freshman guidelines apply. For students with more than 20 semester hours of credit from a regionally accredited institution, a minimum g.p.a of 2.5 out of 4.0 is required to transfer to Ohio University. Most transfer students are not admitted directly to the Russ College of Engineering and Technology; they must first demonstrate proficiency at math and science courses at Ohio University.

Number of Transfer Students from:

A two-year community junior college where they were full-time students: 21
A four-year college or university where they were full-time students: 22