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North Carolina State University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  1. food and biological systems engineering
  2. water, waste, and natural resource systems engineering
  3. integrated machines systems engineering
Biomedical Engineering
  1. biomedical imaging
  2. biomedical microdevices
  3. pharmacoengineering
  4. rehabilitation engineering
  5. regenerative medicine
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  1. polymers
  2. thermodynamics
  3. biochemical engineering and biotechnology
  4. catalyst, kinetics, and electronchemical reaction engineering
  5. electronic materials
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
  1. transportation systems and materials
  2. structural engineering and mechanics
  3. coastal and ocean engineering
  4. construction engineering
  5. water resources engineering
  6. geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering
  7. environmental engineering
  8. computing and systems
Computer Science
  1. Security
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Systems and Applications
  4. Networks
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Theory
  7. Analytics and Data Science
  8. Games and Computer Human Interfaces
  9. Education Informatics
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. Bioelectronics Engineering
  2. Communications and Signal Processing
  3. Control, Robotics and Mechatronics
  4. Electronic Circuits and Systems
  5. Physical Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetics
  6. Power Electronics and Power Systems
  7. Computer Architecture and Systems
  8. Networking
Forest Biomaterials
  1. paper engineering
  2. wood and wood based composites
  3. nanocellulose
  4. Lignin
  5. fiber physics and wood science
  6. process engineering of wood pulping
  7. sustainable materials and industrial processes
Industrial and Systems Engineering
  1. cognitive engineering, biomechanics, virtual reality for rehabilitation
  2. additive manufacturing, cyber-physical manufacturing, micro/nano-manufacturing
  3. optimization, stochastic processes, simulation
  4. health systems engineering
  5. production and service system design and control
  6. supply chain engineering and logistics
Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  1. fixtureless assembly
  2. concurrent engineering
  3. material handling
  4. CAD/CAM
  5. flexible manufacturing
Materials Science and Engineering
  1. thin-film processing and characterization
  2. structural characterization and high resolution microscopy
  3. computational materials science
  4. processing-structure-property studies of metals, ceramics and polymers
  5. electronic, optical and magnetic materials
  6. biomaterials
  7. materials for energy systems
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  1. thermal sciences
  2. energy systems
  3. aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
  4. propulsion and space exloration systems
  5. dynamics, vibrations and controls
  6. structural mechanics and materials
Nuclear Engineering
  1. computational thermal hydraulics
  2. computational reactor physics
  3. nuclear security and non-proliferation
  4. verification, validation and uncertainty quantification
  5. radiation detection and measurements
  6. radiation effects in nuclear materials
  7. nuclear power systems modeling
  8. plasma physics and technology
  9. multi-physics and multi-scale modeling
Operations Research
  1. linear, nonlinear, and integer programming
  2. stochastic processes
  3. network flows and activity networks
  4. simulation
  5. dynamic programming and Markov decision processes
  6. production, scheduling, and inventory management
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science
  1. dyeing process modeling, monitoring, and control
  2. 3-D composites fabrication
  3. textile machinery design
  4. process consumption modeling
  5. robotics and automation