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North Carolina State University - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Six course units in language, including
~ four units in English emphasizing grammar, composition, and literature, and
~ two units of a language other than English.

Four course units of mathematics, in any of the following combinations (the fourth unit of math affects applicants to all institutions except the N.C. School of the Arts.) (It is recommended that prospective students take a mathematics course unit in the twelfth grade):
~ algebra I and II, geometry, and one unit beyond algebra II,
~ algebra I and II, and two units beyond algebra II, or
~ integrated math I, II, and III, and one unit beyond integrated math III.

Three course units in science, including
~ at least one unit in a life or biological science (for example, biology),
~ at least one unit in physical science (for example, physical science, chemistry, physics), and
~ at least one laboratory course.

Two course units in social studies, including one unit in U.S. history, but an applicant who does not have the unit in U.S. history may be admitted on the condition that at least three semester hours in that subject will be passed by the end of the sophomore year.


4 years math (1 course beyond Algebra II, math should be taken in senior year);
4 years science (including chemistry, with physics recommended);
3 years foreign language