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All senior students in the Biomedical, Electrical, Industrial & Systems, and Mechanical Engineering programs participate on Multidisciplinary Senior Design teams to complete a two-semester capstone project. Teams may also include Computer Engineers, as well as students from outside the College of Engineering (e.g. Business, Industrial Design, or Imaging Science). Teams are typically composed of four to eight members, with one student acting as the team leader or project manager. Many of the students in leadership roles on the team complete a Design Project Leadership course prior to the project initiation. This course builds skills in project planning, management, leadership, and systems engineering. All teams have a faculty mentor who works with them on a weekly basis. Formal project reviews by faculty, sponsors, and customers are conducted every 3-4 weeks. Project proposals are solicited from industrial associates and community organizations, as well as from RIT faculty, staff, and students. Each proposal is reviewed by a multidisciplinary faculty team to estimate the required project skills, scope, and academic fit.