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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - 2016

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Engineering Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Biomedical Engineering
  1. Computational bioengineering
  2. Bone Implant Interface
  3. Biomechanics/biomaterials
  4. Imaging
  5. Bioelectric
  6. Cellular and tissue bioengineering
Chemical and Biological Engineering
  1. Thermodynamics & transport phenomena
  2. Biochemical and biomedical engineering
  3. Kinetics & reactor design
  4. Polymer & semiconductor processing
  5. Process dynamics and control
Civil and Environmental Engineering
  1. Bioremediation & Environmental Systems
  2. Water, Air, and Waste Treatment
  3. Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Structural Engineering
  5. Computational Mechanics
  6. Transportation Engineering
Computer Science
  1. Algorithm Design and Combinatorics
  2. Database Systems and Worldwide Computing
  3. Scientific Computation & Numerical Analysis
  4. Bioinformatics, Computer Vision, Computer Networking
  5. Human Computer Interfaces
  6. High Performance Data Mining and Computational Learning Systems
Electrical, Computer, and Systems
  1. Electric power and power electronics
  2. Microelectronics and photonics technology
  3. Communications, Information and Signal Processing
  4. Computer Networks
  5. Computer vision, image processing, geometry and digital media
  6. Computer hardware, architecture, VLSI and mixed signal design
Industrial and Systems Engineering
  1. Social and Cognitive Network Science
  2. Human Performance Modeling and Support
  3. Probability and Applied Statistics
  4. Soft Computing and Computational Optimization
  5. Discrete Event Simulation and Mathematical Programming
  6. Adaptive Supply Chain and Logistical Systems
Materials Science and Engineering
  1. Polymers and surfaces
  2. Materials Processing, Metals and Alloys
  3. Ceramics and glasses
  4. High Performance Composite Materials
  5. Materials for Microelectronic Systems
  6. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
  1. Nuclear Science and Technology
  2. Environmental Health Physics and Radiation Dosimetry
  3. Aeronautics and Space Technology
  4. Applied Mechanics/Mechanics of Materials
  5. Energy Systems/Multiphase Phenomena and Heat Transfer
  6. Manufacturing/Design