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Dual Degrees

Graduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Many programs now offer dual degree options, especially the combination of technological master’s and the MBA degree. Please see department-specific information for dual degree opportunities. Prospective students must complete two applications, one for each department, each for a different term. The Statement of Background and Goals must clearly outline the interest in, preparation for, and intersection of the degree programs to which the student is applying. Letters of recommendation must also support the dual degree intent of the student. Two application fees are required as are two sets of supporting materials. Doctoral students who have completed the candidacy requirement for their doctoral degree and who wish to pursue a master’s degree outside of their department must have the approval of the Graduate Program Director and the Office of Graduate Education.

Co-terminal Degree Program
The co-terminal degree program allows Rensselaer undergraduates to study for a master’s degree while completing their bachelor’s degree(s) in the same or a different department. Undergraduate students wishing to pursue the co-terminal degree must apply in the fall or spring semester of their junior year. At the time of application, they must have completed 90 credits of coursework towards their undergraduate degree (101 credits for B.Arch. students). This includes any credits received through Advanced Placement or transfer from another institution. Admission requirements for co-terminal programs are listed on the Office of Graduate Education Web site. Basic requirements include:

Students must apply prior to the end of their junior year.
Requires written approval of the undergraduate academic adviser, who must verify the student’s current total accumulated credits and cumulative GPA.
Requires written approval of graduate program director (GPD) or graduate admission director of the program the student is applying to (this person must be a Rensselaer faculty member).
Written justification for admission to the program must be included.
Requires approval of Dean of the Office of Graduate Education; the Office of Graduate Education will forward approved applications to Graduate Admissions for processing.