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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

In addition to the application form and fee, an applicant must have transcripts of any previous undergraduate (and graduate) records sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. An application should be supported by letters of recommendation from persons qualified to comment on the applicant's aptitude for graduate study and research, and standardized admission test results where required. The Graduate Records Exam (GRE)is required for admissions to some graduate programs.

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

There is a $75 application fee for all graduate applications.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

An international student must complete an application for admission by May 1 (fall admission), October 15 (spring admission)or March 1 (summer admission) to be reviewed for the term requested. Late applications or an incomplete file will delay review and perhaps entrance by at least one term. The Test of English as a Foreign
Language (TOEFL), administered by the Educational Testing Service, is normally required of all international applicants who have earned a bachelor�s degree from an institution in a non-English speaking country and/or speak English as a second language.
For detailed information, see �English Requirement for International
Students.� The Test of Spoken English (TSE) is required of all teaching fellowship applicants from non-English speaking countries.

Residency Requirements

Graduate students in the MS programs must take a minimum of 21 credits of graduate work at Tandon. A maximum of 9 credits
may be accepted as transfer credits, if approved by the student’s department/program. Credits transferred must be from graduate
courses taken elsewhere, as long as those courses were taken after the undergraduate degree, not used to satisfy the graduation requirements for any undergraduate degree, and had a grade of B or better. Theses, projects and guided studies or readings courses
cannot be transferred. Students must complete all requirements for the MS degree within a period of no more than five years after beginning their graduate studies at Tandon. This period includes any approved Leave of Absence. Extensions of this period are rarely granted and require a prior approval from the Dean’s office. Individual programs may specify required courses, minimum GPAs in specific courses or course groups, and/or require a comprehensive examination, presentation of a seminar or completion of a project or thesis.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Students may transfer a limited number of credits to meet the requirements for a master’s, doctoral or graduate certificate at Tandon, if the graduate courses are (1) consistent with Tandon's residency requirements, (2) completed with grades B or
better, (3) from accredited institutions (4) consistent with the curriculum in which the student is registered (5) taken after receipt of a bachelor’s degree (with the exception of Tandon's undergraduate students; see below). The student’s major academic department evaluates graduate transfer credits. Credits submitted for transfer must conform to a period of validity discussed in a subsequent section. No transfer credit is permitted for graduate
certificates. Grades for transferred credits or courses are not recorded and do not affect the GPA for the graduate program at Tandon. MS or ME students may transfer up to 9 credits. No project, thesis, dissertation or guided studies/readings courses can be transferred. PhD students may transfer up to 48 credits of course work. Transfer credits for the PhD can include a 30-credit blanket transfer for a prior MS degree and additional courses not included in the prior MS that may be transferred individually. For the blanket 30- credit transfer, the prior MS may not need to be a 30-credit MS as long an MS degree (or equivalent) was granted and a copy of the degree and detailed transcripts are presented. Additional courses individually transferred cannot include project, thesis, dissertation, guided studies or readings, or special topics
credits. Graduate courses taken at Tandon while students pursued an undergraduate degree at Tandon may be applied subsequently to a graduate degree, provided that they earned a B grade or better and the individual courses were not used to fulfill requirements for an undergraduate degree at Tandon. Such courses are also subject to the 9-unit maximum transfer limitation for the MS degree, and the grades are not figured into the cumulative GPA for the graduate program. The policy includes exceptions for students enrolled in a joint BS-MS program with a study plan pre-approved by an academic adviser.