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NYU Tandon School of Engineering - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science degree programs require from 120 to 128 credits, depending upon the major as described in the programmatic sections of the catalog. Students may attend on a part-time or full-time basis, and all degrees may be completed in four years of full-time study. To earn a School of Engineering Bachelor of Science degree, the student must take a minimum of 64 credits at School of Engineering in order to fulfill residency requirements.
Additionally, students must their last 32 credits of courses at School of Engineering to fulfill residency requirements. Students must have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better in all courses taken at School of Engineering to earn a bachelor's degree. Some programs may have additional requirements on grades involving specified courses or groups of courses. Most undergraduate engineering curricula require students to participate in team projects, including participation in interdisciplinary sequence courses and group design project exercises.

Master's Degree Requirements

Candidates for the degree Master of Science must complete no fewer than 30 credits of advanced study and/or research beyond the bachelor’s degree in the program selected. Specific course requirements for each MS program are detailed in the programs section of this catalog. To obtain the MS graduate degree, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (equivalent to a B letter grade) or better in all graduate work undertaken at School of Engineering, including those not used to fulfill specific program requirements.
The average of B or better includes all guided studies, readings, projects, theses and dissertations. Students may offer no more than a combined total of 9 credits of project, guided studies and/or thesis toward fulfillment of the MS degree requirements. Students taking project or thesis must register for at least 3 credits of project and/or thesis every semester until the work is completed and a grade recorded.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

All doctoral students must maintain a GPA of 3 or better at all times and a B or better for the dissertation. Some departments have specific course or grade requirements that must be fulfilled. They must pass the qualifying examination(s) administered by their department or program and complete a doctoral dissertation. Students may not register for dissertation research until they have passed the doctoral qualifying examination given by their major department. These examinations are generally scheduled once or twice yearly, and students should consult the academic department for information. Once students start their dissertation, they must register for at least 3 credits every semester until it is completed and accepted. All doctorate candidates must complete a minimum of 75 credits of graduate work beyond the bachelor’s degree, including a minimum of 21 credits of dissertation research (or more depending on major). They must take a minimum of 27 credits, including all dissertation credits, at School of Engineering. Transfer credits can include a 30-credit blanket transfer for a prior MS degree and additional courses not included in the prior MS that are individually transferred. For the blanket 30- credit transfer, the prior MS may not need to be a 30-credit MS. Additional courses individually transferred cannot include project, thesis, dissertation, guided studies or readings, or special topics credits. Full-time students must complete all PhD work within six calendar years counted from the time of admission to graduate work at School of Engineering. Part-Time students must complete within 12 years. This period includes any approved leave of absence. Any extension of these periods requires prior approval of the Dean’s office.