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University of Florida - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Complete the online UF application at and submit the $30 nonrefundable application fee. Submit the high school record and all postsecondary institution transcripts; SAT/ACT test scores are required for freshmen and sophomores. Submit documentation of two sequential courses of foreign language. Apply to a specific UF college and major.


Students should take the following foundation courses as high school-level preparation for enrollment in the College of Engineering: One year each of: Elementary Algebra, Intermediate & Advanced Algebra, Plane Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus. Students should also take half a year of Trigonometry. Once enrolled at the University of Florida, students who are unsure of their major or desire more information about engineering are encouraged to take Introduction to Engineering, a 1 credit hour overview of engineering disciplines and career opportunities. Complete foreign language requirement in high school.