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University of Southern California - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Undergraduates are able to begin their engineering coursework in the freshman year and are admitted as freshmen to the major, and are provided opportunities to become involved in research. Students can also enter the School as an Undeclared engineering major and participate in an overview course which introduces all engineering majors prior to committing to the major. Undergraduates can also minor in a variety of minors throughout the university or within 16minors within the Viterbi School of Engineering. A variety of special programs and services are offered in support of undergraduate students. The USC Viterbi School of Engineering also supports an interactive Distance Education Network designed to enable part-time students to take courses for graduate credit without commuting frequently to campus. Regular campus classes and non-credit continuing education courses are transmitted from studio classrooms at the USC campus via an extensive webcast system to enable students to access their classes anytime, from anywhere. Live instruction can be highly interactive; students can ask questions and carry on discussions with the instructor by telephone (if watching live) or via threaded online chat discussions. Video conferencing during live instruction is also available upon request. Lectures are archived and are available for viewing again at any time during the semester. E-mail allows students to obtain assistance from the instructor or teaching assistant outside of class hours. Class materials are transferred electronically between distant locations.