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University of Southern California - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Freshman candidates are evaluated on the rigor of their high school course work, their grades and their scores from standardized tests. A personal resume, an essay, and school recommendations also play important roles in the admission decision. Consideration is given to honors courses, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate work when assessing grade point averages. Students are considered individually on the merits of their academic record, personal qualities and potential for success in the field of interest. Students are expected to have completed at least 16 year-long courses, including 13 in academic solids and up to three in acceptable electives.

Master of Science candidates are evaluated on their performance as an undergraduate student and in any other graduate-level coursework completed. The GRE exam is also taken into consideration. Due to the differences in various engineering disciplines, some programs will require additional materials such as statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and resume.

Doctoral programs candidates need to demonstrate exceptional performance in their undergraduate career and in any other graduate coursework completed. Research experience is essential and candidates should have an understanding of the faculty members conducting research in the applicant's area of interest. Statement of purpose, resume are also required.


Recommendations, including those from teachers and/high school counselors, play an important role in the admission decision.

Recommendation letters are required for some Master of Science programs. For those programs that do not require recommendations, applicants are still welcome to submit them and they will be taken into consideration.

Recommendation letters are required for PhD candidates.