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Engineering Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • Am. Indian Science & Engineering Soc.
  • MEP and MESA Programs
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers

Other Student Support Programs

ELEAP offers first-year students a chance to work in interdisciplinary teams on a research project dealing with issues surrounding sustainability in engineering. Students in the Engineering Honors Program may receive Honors credit for the two semester class. All students fulfill 3 general education course requirements with the two semesters.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAM (UROP) provides undergraduate students and faculty members the opportunity to work together on research or creative projects. UROP provides assistantships up to $1200 per semester to a student who assists with a faculty member's research or creative project, or who carries out a project of her/his own under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may apply for a UROP assistantship for any semester (summer included), and are eligible to apply for a one semester renewal of their assistantship. Renewals and summer semester may be funded up to $600.

HONORS IN ENGINEERING provides students in the College of Engineering the opportunity to earn an Honors Designation at graduation from the University Honors College while taking engineering courses. Honors in Engineering Students participate in undergraduate research and work with a faculty advisor on a senior thesis.

LIVING LEARNING COMMUNITY The College of Engineering sponsors 3 opportunities for students to live and learn with fellow engineering students. There is a floor in the Sage Point residence hall, apartment living in the Donna Garff Marriott Honors housing and the Kennecott House in Officers Circle. Each provides programming to connect students with alumni and faculty and additional academic support.

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TUTORING CENTER offers students a study room staffed by advanced standing engineering students where they can get additional help with homework in all classes engineering students are required to take.

STUDY ABROAD through international exchange programs at partner universities around the world.

CLEAR Program (Communication, Leadership, Ethics and Research)
The CLEAR Program at the University of Utah’s College of Engineering prepares engineering undergraduates for success in their careers through improving their oral and written communication, teamwork skills and ethical understanding.
By working with our engineering faculty, CLEAR instructors develop speaking and writing assignments, teach technical writing and communication lessons in the classroom, provide feedback to students and consult on best practices for speaking, writing and teamwork.
Our program is unique and innovative due to the emphasis placed on communication, teamwork, and ethics, the integrated nature of the professional skills instruction, and the situated, developmental approach to teaching and learning.
The CLEAR program reaches more than 1,000 students across six departments in the College each year. Through continual exposure to writing, communication, teamwork and ethics, our graduates are better prepared to join the engineering workforce and contribute to society.