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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering consists of seven departments: bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. The College also features four specialty degree-granting programs: computer engineering, entertainment arts and engineering, nuclear engineering and petroleum engineering.

In 2014, the College began offering a data center engineering certificate program to prepare undergraduates and master's students for work in data center design, operations and management, as well as a big data certificate program to provide graduate students and professional computer scientists the skills to process, analyze and manage large, complex data.

The College also provides a new Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering that is designed for both engineering graduates and full-time working professionals. The program covers petroleum engineering and geology fundamentals as well as discussions on geopolitical, economic, and environmental constraints on energy technologies.

Well known for its pioneering efforts in computer graphics, scientific visualization, fossil energy, robotics, neural interfaces and MEMS, the College has emerging strengths in data science, nanotechnology and nuclear engineering. College research is a major source of technology innovation that benefits companies seeking to maintain a competitive advantage and leads to spin-off companies that create new jobs.

Notable alumni of the College of Engineering include: John Warnock (Adobe), Edwin Catmull (Pixar), Simon Ramo (TRW) and Mark Fuller (WET Design).