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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

A student is accepted for admission by joint action of the University's Graduate School and the engineering department after consideration of a formal application. Admission to the University is necessarily a selective process . Prospective graduate students must meet the following minimum requirements:

Hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S. or its equivalent from a foreign institution.
Have earned at least a 3.0 grade-point-average (on a 4 point scale) for the last 90 graded quarter credits or 60 graded semester credits.
Be proficient in English: Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency.

All graduate applications are submitted on-line at . The application fee is $85 U.S. Each academic program at the University of Washington has a graduate program coordinator who is responsible for providing advice, guidance, and assistance to applicants as well as to students working toward graduate degrees. Prospective graduate students are urged to contact the graduate program coordinator in their program of interest for information about any aspect of graduate study, including research, curriculum, faculty, and financial support in the form of teaching and research assistantships, grants, and scholarships. Overall graduate school information is available at .

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Admission requires a B.S. degree in engineering, mathematics, or physical science, and evidence of aptitude for graduate study. All engineering departments require official transcripts from each college or university attended. Individual departments have specific requirements which include letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and an interview. Submission of the general Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship and visa status.

Required Tests: The general Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Proficiency in English is required for graduate study at the University of Washington. Therefore, every applicant whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency. No waivers of this English proficiency requirement may be given. Proficiency can be demonstrated in one of the following four ways:

(1) A bachelor’s, master's, or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or from an institution in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, or the United Kingdom.

(2) Official documentation from the institution verifying that the applicant’s undergraduate degree is from an institution (in a country other than those listed in #1 above) where ALL instruction is in English. The undergraduate degree must be equivalent to a US bachelor's degree. Documentation must be presented to the Graduate School.

(3) The following minimum English language proficiency test scores will exempt students from Academic English Program (AEP) requirements:
7.0 on the IELTS
92 on the TOEFLiBT
237 on the TOEFLC
580 on the TOEFL
90 on the MLT
65 on the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
Successful completion of the UW Intensive English Program prior to admission to the University of Washington.

(4) An applicant may be admitted with an English proficiency test score within the range of scores listed below. In such cases, the applicant will be required, when starting the graduate degree program, to take designated Academic English Program (AEP) courses through UW English Language Programs, unless an exempting test score is subsequently submitted. Placement in these courses will be based upon the applicant’s English proficiency test scores:
6.0 - 6.9 IELTS
61 - 91 TOEFLiBT
173 - 236 TOEFLC
500 - 579 TOEFL
80 - 89 MLT
50 " 64 PTE

The admission application for international students must be submitted on-line at

International students must have a visa status that allows academic study at the UW. This status includes temporary U.S. visas such as F-1 student visas, J-1 exchange visitors, H-1 temporary worker, dependent visas or any other non-immigrant classifications. Students who will study on an F-1 or J-1 visa will be required to complete additional steps after confirming their intention to enroll before the Graduate School can process their visa paperwork.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are the same for all applicants regardless of residency status.

Residency Requirements

The enrollment requirement for master's degree is 36 credits, 30 of which must be taken at the University of Washington (UW). The enrollment requirement for doctoral degree is 90 credits, 60 of which must be taken at the UW.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Admission requirements are the same for all domestic graduate applicants. A student working toward the master's degree may petition the Dean of the Graduate School for permission to transfer to the UW the equivalent of a maximum of 6 quarter credits of graduate level course work taken at another recognized academic institution. These credits may not have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree. The petition must include a recommendation from the graduate program coordinator and an official transcript indicating completion of the course work. Transfer credits are not entered on the UW transcript. Approved transfer credits are applied toward total credit count only for the master's degree. (Transfer credits are not applicable toward a doctoral degree.) The 18 quarter credits of numerically graded course work, and 18 quarter credits of 500-level-and-above course work may not be reduced by transfer credit.