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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


To be considered for admission as an undergraduate student, applicants must complete a minimum set of requirements in six subject areas. Almost all applicants will have satisfied the requirements through coursework completed in high school (generally defined as grades 9-12 in the U.S.). However, students who completed a portion of the requirements in high school may supplement high school courses with qualifying college courses, as long as they are completed before enrolling at the UW.

The admission distribution requirements for entering undergraduate students are:
English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 3 credits
Social Sciences/Social Studies: 3 credits
World Languages: 2 credits
Lab Science: 2 credits
Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative Course: 1 credit
Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts: 0.5 credits
Academic Elective: 0.5 credits

International applicant must also meet minimum English proficiency requirements. For additional information, see details at:

At the UW, graduate admissions is decentralized. So although the Graduate School works closely with graduate programs on technical, administrative and policy issues, graduate programs have a great deal of autonomy. Understanding the role of the Graduate School and the role of graduate programs will help you successfully navigate graduate admissions at the UW. It will also help you know who to contact when you have questions.

The role of the Graduate School in graduate admissions:

- establish minimum admission requirements
- support the online application for graduate study at the UW
- process requests for I-20 and DS-2019 visa applications
- verify degrees of applicants who accept an offer of admission
- evaluate English proficiency requirement for non-native English speakers

The role of a graduate program in graduate admissions:

- establish admission requirements for a degree program
- set application deadlines
- decide what application materials are required
- review applications
- make admission decisions
- notify applicants of admission decisions


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