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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The programs housed within the Armour College of Engineering place heavy emphasis on creativity, design, leadership, ethics, entrepreneurialism, and inter-professionalism across the curriculum. Our college has a strong commitment to teaching engineering fundamentals in order to deliver an engineering education that builds on a strong background in the underlying scientific fields combined with a traditional engineering approach. We also encourage a broader perspective in our students that goes beyond pure engineering aspects, with the development of soft skills and the versatility that are expected of today’s engineers in order to be more consistent with the demands of the profession, industry, and enterprises.

There are five academic departments within the college of engineering. All of the undergraduate programs offered by these departments are fully ABET-accredited. Additionally, Armour College offers several double BS degrees, combination BS/Master's degree programs, and a number of co-terminal degree programs in which students earn multi-disciplinary BS and MS degrees at the same time. MS and PhD programs are offered in the major engineering disciplines. Most of IIT's engineering disciplines offer professional specialization for students concentrating study in a specific area and minors for those seeking breadth. All students participate in two semesters of interprofessional projects in cooperation with students from other disciplines, such as science, law, business, psychology, and architecture.

Armour College of Engineering is empowering students to apply their engineering skills to themes of high relevance and global impact through our distinctive education initiative, the IIT Engineering Themes. The IIT Engineering Themes are a group of experiences in the areas of Water, Health, Energy, and Security, that help undergraduates explore worldwide engineering issues while completing an accredited degree in their chosen field, without modifying their degree plan. While students are learning the fundamentals of engineering in the classroom, we give them on- and off-campus opportunities to apply their technical knowledge to the exploration of contemporary global challenges. These experiences bring together students from across departments and disciplines to work on a common solution. We not only engage our students, we help them stand out. IIT is the only university in the country to offer students an automated engineering portfolio that is derived from their activities in the Engineering Themes. The end product is four years of work packaged digitally with photos, videos, write-ups and online information about the tangible experience they gained as an IIT Engineering undergraduate.

Having a complete understanding of the research and development process will help ensure a student's success after their undergraduate education. Toward this goal Armour College of Engineering supports two programs: Program for Undergraduate Research Education (PURE) which focuses on research and Mentored INnovation and Development (MIND) which focuses on developing technology based on research. Both programs aim to give undergraduate students a hands-on experience with research and development that is unique to Armour College.