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Concordia University, Montreal - 2016

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Subject Areas of Research

Subject Areas

  • A drop-tower impact testing machine for impact studies on advanced materials
  • Advanced Thermal Protection Coatings
  • Aerospace Design Engineering
  • Audit Ready Cloud
  • Cloud Architectures for a Scalable and Elastic IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • Coalescence Free Surfaces
  • Composites
  • Concordia Institute for Water, Energy, and Sustainable Systems (CIWESS)
  • Cooperative Fault Diagnosis and Control of a Network of Unmanned Systems
  • Design and Performance of Special Electrical Machines
  • Design of Thermally Comfortable and Healthy Buildings: Integration of Concrete Heated Floor System
  • Development of a methodology to evaluate the performance of anti-vibration gloves to be isolated from vibrations taking into account the dexterity as
  • Development of a procedure for evaluating the performance of filters of ventilation systems and industrial vacuum cleaners using a poly-dispersed gene
  • Efficient, Scalable and Survivable Design for next generation Virtualized Data Center for Cloud Services
  • HVLF Liquid Fuel CFD Modeling: Design Optimization
  • High-throughput instrumentation for synthetic biology
  • Human Biodynamic Responses to Whole-Body Vehicular Vibration and Vibration Control
  • Human Biodynamic Responses to Whole-Body Vehicular and prevention of injuries
  • Lean Aerospace Value Streams
  • Microphotonics and Nano Integrated Bio Microsystems and Applications
  • Novel Low Loss Guiding Structure for High Frequency Applications
  • Optimized Operation and Energy Efficiency: towards High Performance Buildings
  • PERFORM - Innovative Thinker
  • Polarization insensitive, microsystem integrated, mono-order grating based, either discretely or continuously tunable wavelength, platform for communi
  • Reduced gravity flights to examine ExoMars rover wheel-soil interactions
  • Research Funding
  • Research and Training via an Institute in Water, Energy and Sustainability
  • Seismic performance of reinforced masonry structural walls with confined boundary elements
  • Smart Grid Security: Detection, Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery from Cyber-Physical Attack
  • Specification and Verification of Design Models for Certifiable Avionics Software CRIAQ Project AVIO 604
  • Structural health monitoring of tall buildings using vibration-based techniques
  • Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft
  • Zero Energy Building Studies