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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering

Research is being conducted in coal combustion, biochemical engineering, stochastic modeling, soil remediation, process control, and integrated circuit fabrication.

Civil Engineering

Research is being conducted in highway pavement design and management, finite element modeling, structural dynamics and seismic analysis, mechanics of composite materials, nano-mechanics, computational simulation, and acoustics.

Computer and Information Science

Research is being conducted in software systems, internet technology, software engineering and development, machine learning, and computer graphics and simulation.

Electrical Engineering

Research is being conducted in electromagnetic fields and waves, computational electromagnetics, nondestructive testing, remote sensing, and wireless communications, computer communication network, statistical signal processing, numerical Bayesian inference and applications and antennas.

Engineering Science

Research is being conducted in Aeroacuostics, Materials Science, Telecommunication, and the areas described in the departments and research centers.

Geology and Geological Engineering

Research is being conducted in minerals, remote sensing, geographic information systems, design of waste disposal repositories, waste management and recycling, ground-water contaminant transport, geological mapping, engineering geophysics, rock mechanics and rock engineering, natural hazards, invertebrate paleontology, flood vulnerability analysis and history of geology.

Mechanical Engineering

Research is being conducted in computational hydroscience and fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermophysics, materials science, composite materials and pultrusion, experimental fluid mechanics, finite element analysis, impact dynamics, and computational penetration mechanics.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology

Research is being conducted in highway pavement design and management, traffic systems, and infrastructure systems design analysis and management.

Center for Applied Electromagnetic Systems Research

Research is being conducted in computational electromagnetics, design and development of antenna and microwave circuits for radar power technology and wireless communication systems.

Center for Community Earthquake Preparedness

Research is being conducted in communicty risk assessments, engineering data collection, and analysis and field investigations to promote seismic awareness in Mississippi at the state, county and local community levels.

Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute

Research is being conducted in environmental/geotechnical mapping, earthquake hazard identification, groundwater geochemistry, marine geophysical systems development, marine mineral resource evaluations, and development of acoustical systems for environmental applications and downhole well maintenance.

National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering

The research and development of NCCHE cover a broad range of fields including watershed processes, channel network hydraulics, river morphology (meandering, bank erosion, etc.), flood analysis, dam break, sediment transport, water quality and pollutant transport, river training and restoration, and more. Research is being conducted towards development of 1, 2, and 3D modling and simulation software that may be utilized by emergency and harzard management agencies on desktop computers and mobile devices. This research is supported by the Department of Homeland Security and Argonne National Laboratory.