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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Several items are considered by the Committee on Admissions at Manhattan College: Course Selection and Performance at the secondary level, SAT and/or ACT Scores, Character Recommendations, and Personal Statement. Note: The General Equivalency Diploma is accepted in lieu of a high school diploma for admission to some programs of the College. In rare instances, the Admissions Committee will consider waiving the above requirements for admission.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

The School of Engineering requires that students wishing to enter an engineering program have at least a 2.0 overall GPA in their current program in another engineeering or non-engineeering program.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

For applicants whose native language is not English, Manhattan College requires that scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Langauge (TOEFL) be submitted. SAT scores may be required. Transciprts from foreign institutions must be offical and translated into English.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as for resident and/or foreign students.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

1) Associate Degree (AA or AS)
2) Students transferring without an assoc. degree or with an AAS degree must submit a) high school transcript, b) official college transcripts, c) a list of courses presently being taken, d)college catalogs from all institutions previously attended, e) financial aid transcripts from all collegiate institutions previously attended.

Number of Transfer Students from:

A two-year community junior college where they were full-time students: 73
A four-year college or university where they were full-time students: 120