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Manhattan College - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering

Carbon sequestration; sustainability; bioengineering; fluid-structure interaction; tissue engineering; genetic engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Geoenvironmental; geofoams; structures; concrete materials; modeling and experimental investigations of metal release from contaminated sediments; biological nitrogen removal at sewage treatment plants; modeling of fate and bioaccumulation of organics in the Hudson River estuary; developing sediment quality criteria for arsenic and chromium

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Power systems; transmission; power system stability; telemedicine; embedded systems;digital signal processing; communications

Mechanical Engineering

Structural mechanics of plants; biomechanics; heat transfer in propulsion systems; nonlinear dynamics; vibrations; control; unsteady flows for propulsion and power generation systems; computational fluid mechanics;heat transfer;
green buildings;solar energy

Research Description By Engineering Research Center