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Accessibility Map App
Athletic Performance Tool
Campus Mapping
Displays of CEC research 1, 2, 3
Drone for Coaching
Episcopal Retirement Center
Ethnabotanical Database
Freedom Summer Game
HawksNest App v2
KeyBank project
Miami Alumni Association
MTD app
MU Mobile App
MU Mobile App
Myaamia Lunar Calendar App
OpenClinic " Ischemia Center
Project Dragonfly
Quadrotor Drone
Rinella Learning Center
Scholarly Commons
Automated Inspection System
Cot and Cutter Head Optimization
Sensor Manufacturing Improvement
GE Bearing Compartment Insulation
GE Vibration Project
Heat Application for Medium Sized Water Vessels
Exhaust Driven Fans
Lunabotics III
Goodwill II
Artificial Nose
Balloon Flight Control Hardware
Design of Dynamics Experiments
Golf Course Bridge
JetCat Auxiliary Power Unit
Machine Cell Ergonomics
MTD Transmission
Pediatric Physical Therapy Device
Portable Steam Generator
SIEMENS Rotor Vibration
Soccer Ball Delivery Machine
Transonic Wind Tunnel
Molecular Simulation as a design tool
Tunable Formulations of Hydrogel to mimic the biomechanical properties of soft tissue associates with pressure ulcers
Shear Stress effects on Hepatic progenitor cell deformation and differentiation, as show in 3D Computational Model
Powder-based 3D Printer Fabrication to create synthetic biological tissue
Engineering paper grade development on Miami pilot paper machine and development of methods to reduce CD grammage variations on pilot machine
Micro-CT analysis of rat mandibular defect bone formation following delivery of BMP-o2 from keratin or collagen biomaterials
Keratin biomaterials for cell delivery
Triggered release of drugs from keratin hydrogels
Bioactivity of BMP-2 following delivery from keratin hydrogels
Keratin biomaterials for antibiotic drug delivery
ATRP Modification of Proteins
Degradation and absorption of PFOA
Development of Optical Biosensor using SSTIRR
Moringa olefera functionalized sand filters
Design of Paper Sensors for Metabolite Detection
Liver mechanobiology research bipotential murine oval liver cells
Mechanical testing of a novel hemostatic dressing (X-Stat sponges) used to control bleeding in combat trauma
Liver mechanobiology literature review and training on cell culture methods
Literature review on biomechanics of pressure ulcers
Literature review on immunostaining of hepatic progenitor cel
Detection of Meteors Using Incoherent Scatter Radar
Digital Audio Processing System for Human Speaker Tracking
Drone Competition
3D-Bio Printing and Shape Simulation
Software Defined Radar for Indoor Sensing
Vibration-Based Sound Sculpture
Audio Processing for Car Diagnostic
Algorithm and Simulator for Multicasting in Elastic Optical Networks
Design of a smart diaper for urine and motion monitoring