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Miami University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanics, biosensors, tissue engineering, enzymes, environmental catalysis, solar cells, paper physics, paper characterization, electrochemical engineering, computational thermodynamics, process safety

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Active research areas include software engineering, evolutionary computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, software development methods, object-oriented simulation, information systems for disaster response and operations research, design rationale, cryptographic protocols, confidentiality and privacy preserving networks, service-oriented computing, software product lines, bio-informatics, collaborative information systems. Virtual reality, ontologies, augmented reality, ethics and technology, assessment, evolutionary algorithms

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Analog CMOS circuit design, Atmospheric remote sensing, communications systems, computer communications, computer networks, electromagnetics, embedded systems design, energy & power systems, field programmable gate array applications, gaming, global positioning systems, navigation, network security, optical communications, optical devices and systems, radar remote sensing, radar systems, robotics, signal integrity, signal processing, smartphone development, space physics, wireless technologies

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Agile Manufacturing, air-side convective heat transfer, applied mechanics, atomistic simulation of material and transport properties, automated demanufacturing, buckling and post-buckling dynamics, computer-integrated manufacturing systems, computational fluid mechanics, condensate management, design and optimization, dynamics and control of backlash, engineering education, experimentation and numerical modeling of elastic/inelastic deformation, flexible automation, friction stir welding, inverse problems in structural vibration and control, structural health monitoring, material properties & development, mechatronic pediatric devices, nanofluids, nonlinear systems - dynamics, stability, and control; optimal sensor placement for health monitoring, sensors & actuators network and composite structures, smart materials and systems, solid mechanics, surface wettability, turbulent reacting flows, vibrations & controls

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