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Biological Systems Engineering

Team 6 Project Name: Runoff and Sedimentation Prevention of the Rogers Memorial Farm

Project Team:
Zachary Hermanek
Blake Wagner
Logan Neal
Margaret Gilseth

Project Description:
This project works to address and solve the issue of storm run-off that disrupts agriculture areas and can damage crops and vital farmland. We worked with Rogers Memorial Farm to implement a new water management system that would eliminate its current wetlands and prevent future flooding from occurring.

Team 7 Project Name: Toddler Pool Alert System

Project Team:
Megan White
Aaron Cronican
Collin Erickson
Tim Jensen

Project Description:
Drowning ends the lives of too many young children, and it is largely due to inferior current pool safety systems. This team hopes to help save lives by designing a pool safety device that improves response time, reduces false positives, and alerts parents before their child even enters the water.

Team 8 Project Name: Non-Ferrous Foreign Object Detection in Beef Trim Processing Lines

Project Team:
Alex Van Lent
Nathan Rice
Yen Xin Lu
Willie Stennis

Project Description:
No hamburger lover wants to bite into a tainted burger. This project will evaluate current methods to detect objects, which are not fully effective in finding small non-ferrous objects. They will then recommend a more effective method to Cargill Meat Solutions ™.

Team 9 Project Name: Fountain Wars

Project Team:
Julia Franck
Mitch Maguire
Justin Herting
Karissa Brehm

Project Description:

Heads up! This team has built and designed a beach ball launcher. The UNL Fountain Wars team will take it to the ASABE Fountain Wars competition this summer, where it will perform tasks based on specific guidelines. The team is working to continue the legacy of several years of successful UNL teams at this competition.

Team 11 Project Name: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Quarter Scale Tractor

Project Team:
Ryan Hanousek
Micah Bolin
Sydney Gard

Project Description:
This team is helping the push for advancements in farming technology. They are designing and building a quarter scale tractor that they take to the national competition every year to test whether it’s safe, practical and economical. In 2015, a UNL team won the quarter scale tractor national championship. This year’s tractor has a data management system that allows operators to view all of the tractor’s gauges on a screen on the arm rest. They will bring this tractor to display at the showcase.

Team 20 Project Name: Cambridge, NE Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Team:
Paula Sandoval
Mackenzie Miller
Kevan Reardon
Christian Jewett
Kyle Olson

Project Description:
Wastewater treatment is a necessary process; expensive wastewater treatment isn’t. This group is going to develop a step-by-step plan to implement an alternative way for wastewater treatment plants to aerate their oxidation ditches in a less excessive way than the current process. They will do this for the Wastewater Treatment plant in Cambridge, Nebraska.

Team 26 Project Name: Development of a Non-Occluding Stent Graft Expansion Device

Project Team:
Samantha Nelson
Halle Swann
Christopher Davidson
Jaideep Sahni

Project Description:
Aortic aneurysms occur when there is abnormal widening of the aorta due to the weakening of the blood vessel wall. Current treatments for this condition is endovascular stent graft repair. The current method for this involves occlusion (blockage) of blood flow in the aorta which leads to an increase in blood pressure. This team intends to find a new method of sealing the stent graft which will lead to a decrease in occlusion.

Team 28 Project Name: Battlefield Wound Dressing for Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

Project Team:
Drew Dudley
Sophie Walsh
Ellie Ahlquist
Cody Houdesheldt

Project Description:
Many soldiers develop abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS), a build-up of pressure in abdominal organs that causes organ dysfunction, due to trauma. The objective of this project is to develop a wound covering with the ability to signal to physicians when organ oxygenation has decreased to a life-threatening level,

Team 31 Project Name: Child Motion Feedback Sensor

Project Team:
Katelyn Watts
Michael Moeller
Brinson Chapp
Zach Janecek

Project Description:
This team has designed a device to help stimulate cognitive development in developmentally disabled infants. The device can be hidden behind a favorite toy of an infant, with feedback coming from a gooseneck arm that encourages intentional motor movement.

Team 34 Project Name: UNL ASABE Robotics Design Team

Project Team:
Adam Frerichs
Dillon Clayton
Josh Krueger
Josh Meyer
Adam Frerichs

Project Description:
This team continues to design new and exciting robots for the ASABE Robotics Competition. For this year’s competition, they have developed a fully autonomous robot that has the ability to gather ping pong balls. The objective is to meet the emphasis for this year’s competition which is to develop a robot that simulates the harvest of a citrus crop.

Team 35 Project Name: Device to Measure Frailty Preceding Surgery

Project Team:
Zac Duncan
Nicole Schwery
Zhichen Wang
Dillon Soukup

Project Description:
How at risk are you to complications after surgery? This team has designed a device to help you find out. The device is a chair that can collect and store data from tests commonly used to assess the physical aspect of frailty. The chair has the ability to collect information on four aspects of physical frailty: walking speed, grip strength, get-up-and-go time, and weight.

Team 38 Project Name: Cooling System for Poppycock Production Line

Project Team:
Ashley Eure
Megan Tucker
Eric Davis
Danni Liu

Project Description:
Production of a popcorn snack with a candy coating is failing to meet cluster size restrictions due to insufficient cooling, which creates popcorn clumps that clog the packaging line. This design consists of ductwork and a filter that will allow cold air to be circulated out and back into the tunnel through which the product moves on a conveyor. In this process, the air is filtered of any paint flakes by the filter attached at to the duct.

Team 49 Project Name: Mechanical System to Allow for Two Dimensional Walking of Pediatric Patients

Project Team:
Jake Meyer
Jared Thomsen
David Marshall
Jackie Hernandez
Luke Samuelson

Project Description:
Children with developmental disabilities require most or all of their weight to be supported by a two-dimensional walking system. Our design supports the weight of the children while allowing for variances in age, height, and weight. Existing resources at the Munroe-Meyer Institute limited the freedom for children to play or for therapists to effectively assist with gait motion. The goal of our design processes was to effectively remedy these limitations without infringing upon any other necessary components of the apparatus..

Team 58 Project Name: Development of 3-Dimensional Calibration Platform

Project Team:
Nick Vandenberg

Project Description:
This team deigned and built a functional prototype of a calibration platform for ultrasound research that would allow programmable movement of an ultrasound transducer in three dimensions.

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Team 5 Project Name: Production of Propylene Glycol from Crude Glycerol

Project Team:
Mackensey Fagan
Alan Akil
Feng Chen
Jordan Horan
Trieu Nguyen

Project Description:
We all want to find a “greener” way of doing things. This project will consist of implementing an environmentally feasible way to produce propylene glycol from crude glycerol. Nothing will be wasted; excess water will be used with wind power to make hydrogen and electricity. The crude glycerol itself will be made using a second-generation bio plant.

Team 10 Project Name: Sustainable Algae Biodiesel and Glycerol Carbonate Utilizing Waste Water Nutrients​

Project Team:
Than N Nguyen
Pat Iverson
Eric Bertone
John Platel

Project Description:

Most processes can be designed to be cheaper, less time-consuming and safer. By using algae grown in waste water, this team will develop a sustainable way to produce biodiesel and glycerol carbonate. Biodiesel is a fuel source that burns cleaner than fossil fuel and doesn’t add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Using waste water as a nutrient source will provide an alternative to the current less safe and costlier extraction methods.

Team 13 Project Name:Green Dimethyl Ether Production

Project Team:
Katelyn Coleman
Carina Winters
Matthew Sis
Max Meier

Project Description:
There may be a green, alternative automobile fuel source with Dimethyl ether (DME), which has been used as a propellant and feedstock for other processes. This team will assess whether there can be a process to produce 50,000 metric tons of 99.5 wt% DME per year.

Team 15 Project Name: Sewage Sludge Gasification for Alcohol Production

Project Team:
Kelly Hudek
Zully Perez
Connor Aylor
Christine Jisa
Pedro Galvao

Project Description:
As the population increases, wastewater treatment plants must deal with processing more and more sewage sludge in efficient and environmentally friendly ways. As one way to address this problem, this team presents gasification: a process that converts carbon-based materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. This gas mixture is further reacted to produce methanol and other useful chemical products that can be sold to offset production costs.

Team 18 Project Name: Sustainable DMC Production

Project Team:
Wil Lage
Clay Cameron
Tanner Gosda
Jacob Baumgartner
Jules Hansen

Project Description:
You may not realize how important Dimethyl Carbonate is in daily life. It is a highly organic solvent and has been used in paints, lithium batteries and as a fuel additive. This group intends to design and test a more sustainable and green DMC production process. They intend to achieve this by using the reaction of urea and methanol, both of which are self-produced using green materials.

Team 27 Project Name: Production of Yeast for Second Generation Ethanol Production

Project Team:
Eric Berglund
Jack Rauch
Parviz Kholmatov
Jacob Olson

Project Description:
A new yeast strain has been developed which benefits second generation fuel ethanol production. The new yeast will increase the conversion of sugars in biomass to ethanol. This group will design a plant that will develop the new yeast strain. They will implement a cost-saving and sustainable way of growing yeast in batches by using a continuous cultivator rather than multiple large tanks.

Team 36 Project Name: CO2 Capture and Reuse From Anaerobic Digestion Biogas

Project Team:
Bradley Schrag
Matt Thompson
Chaise Surmeier
Samuel Baumgartner

Project Description:
With the increasing concern of global warming, CO2 emission reductions are an area of growing focus throughout the world. Anaerobic digestion is a relatively recent process that has been developed to convert organic compounds into biogas (a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen) that can be collected and used for electricity generation. This process uses sewage sludge, manure, processing residues, agriculture residues, and energy crops. Our process to capture and convert CO2 into usable energy can help address climate change by producing 9,400 tonnes of methane annually from Platte County for use in methanol production.

Team 37 Project Name: Biodiesel Production using Enzymatic and Inorganic Catalyst

Project Team:
Alfred Berchtold
Robert Nickel
Chris Duerschner
Devin Jensen

Project Description:
This project’s purpose is to find a new process of producing biodiesel. The current process uses a large supply of food supply oil, caustic and acid material, waste water, methanol and waste glycerol. This new process will be less expensive and reduce the depletion of other resources, instead producing biodiesel from a non-food supply source " Jatropha curcas oil.

Civil Engineering

Team 1 Project Name: UNL East Campus Green Infrastructure Design

Project Team:
Baylor Bestgen
David Engelhaupt
Scott Fischer
Brandon Purintun
Matthew Schwindt
Nho Vo

Project Description:
A poorly designed parking lot can become a floodplain when stormy weather hits. This team will design a parking lot with Best Management Practices implemented to reduce and filter that pesky stormwater runoff. They will accomplish this using bioswales, bioretention areas, and permeable pavements.

Team 3 Project Name: UNL-East Campus Parking Lot Retrofit

Project Team:
Greg Rademacher
Dennis Stille
Jeremiah Dixon
Christian Jensen
Mark Friend
Richard McKeever

Project Description:

The University of Nebraska " Lincoln is seeking design proposals for a 10-acre site adjacent to the Dental College on East Campus. The property consists of three parking lots, tennis courts, a basketball court, and open space which the University wishes to redevelop to enhance the campus environment. Stormwater management will seek to reduce both flooding and pollution issues in the Dead Man’s Run watershed. The mandatory elements of this project also include the layout and design of a surface parking and the design of an outdoor interpretive display to educate student, faculty and the general public about the environmentally beneficial, i.e. “green” features of the project.

Team 44 Project Name: UNL Surface Parking Lot Green Infrastructure Retrofit

Project Team:
Timothy Adams
Cade Karlberg
Taylor Reinsch
Zach Hammelmann

Project Description:
We are designing a retro fit an east campus green space that will provide more parking, mitigate flood problems, and create a new recreation space.

Team 55 Project Name: Raster Consulting

Project Team:
Cody Preisler
Ryan Roenigk
Jace Furley

Project Description:
This team designed a parking lot located on UNL's East Campus, including best management practices to protect local streams. There is a new green space for future students to use and an interactive display for the public to learn more about best management practices.

Team 56 Project Name: East Campus Green Retro-Fit

Project Team:
Jordan Vavrina
Wei Lin Lee
Brandon Wilfong

Project Description:

Computer Science & Engineering/Raikes School

Team 2 Project Name: Hudl Recommended Basketball Highlights

Project Team:
Derek Nordgren
Michael Hollman
Brendan Smith
Trevor Poppen
Darren Johnson

Project Description:
How does a talented athlete stand out when there’s so much competition? The team will work with Hudl to provide athletes with brief “highlight” footage consisting of only their best plays. These “best plays” can be pinpointed by using the crowd noise as an indicator of a play’s “highlight worthiness.” They will then single out these plays into 10-second video clips for the athletes to review.

Team 17 Project Name: Raikes School Design Studio College of Law Project

Project Team:
Patrick Luddy
Sydney Goldberg
Eric Sinovic
Quan Tran
Ryan Long
Ian Howell
Cooper Knaak

Project Description:
Most students have the same question after school: what do I do now? The NU College of Law’s Build Your Character program helps law students answer this query. This team will make the program even more convenient by developing Android and iOS apps. It helps give them the ability to “develop real world skills and more fully prepare for post-school life.” The app tracks progress through a student’s time at law school and chart the traits gained, allowing them to see where they excel and need to improve.

Team 39 Project Name: Nelnet Business Solutions: Project Honeycomb

Project Team:
Tracy Moody
Caleb Zatorski
Hoang Nguyen
Samuel Lindvall
Joel Mohrmann
Katy Stuckey

Project Description:
Project Honeycomb solves the problems of applications having vastly different user experiences by providing a suite of shared services to the client’s ecosystem. It seeks to unify user experience by providing central authentication, a customizable look and feel, central navigation, and a data store for user and institution information.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Team 4 Project Name: Air-Data Receiving Electronic System

Project Team:
Trevor Hoke
Travis Zoucha
Evan Stohlmann
Jun Jie Liang

Project Description:

Optimizing employee workflow is the focus of this team’s senior project. Working with the Air-Data Receiving Electronic System (ARES, they will streamline data collection from company-owned meters by the employee, and the collected data will be transferred to an online database using the ARES desktop application.

Team 12 Project Name: Destroyer Bot 3000

Project Team:
Steven Pasika
Eric Thomas
Jess Hipke
Justin Hood

Project Description:
The Destroyer Bot 3000 may sound intimidating, but this team describes it as “fun for the whole family.” Standing about a foot tall, it’s a remote-controlled, robot that balances itself on a bowling ball. Its motors allow for a plenty of maneuverability, allowing it to turn and move quickly.

Team 14 Project Name: Video Controlled Robots

Project Team:
Michael Blaisdell
Dylan Fromm
Tyrell Galloway
Kossivi Acolatse

Project Description:
You may have heard of remote-controlled robots, but what about video-controlled robots? The three robots built by this team can be located and directed by real time input from a webcam. This is achieved with the use of a small computer, radio transmitters and a circuit board. At the showcase, the robot will move an object to a predetermined location.

Team 16 Project Name: Vertical

Project Team:
Michael Gharzai
Saleh Bahaisami
Will Bachmann

Project Description:
Whether just at home or for a mass industry, we may be on the verge of a more efficient way of growing plants. This project will achieve this using nutrient supplemented water, which will be pumped and regulated by a micro controller. The system will read sensors and display information to the user on a raspberry pi computer.

Team 19 Project Name: Trend Tracker

Project Team:
Andrew Peterson
Cyle Kling
Joel Thiessen
David Danielson

Project Description:
It’s time to hit the stores again, but you want to beat the crowd. What are the busiest times? When is the best time to head out? Trend Tracker can help answer these questions! It’s a location tracking system that records the traffic patterns of shopping carts using ultrasonic frequencies.

Team 21 Project Name: GCP Sensor Network

Project Team:
Cameron Entzminger
Royce Wilson
Cody Boardman
Michael Tritz

Project Description:
This team is working with the Biology Department at UNO by creating a cost-effective means for measuring microclimate variation at the Glacier Creek Preserve. Their sensor network accomplishes this with seven solar powered sensor notes that gather data about soil moisture content, soil temperature, and air temperature.

Team 22 Project Name: Salvadoodle Doodler

Project Team:
Shane Kraus
Andrew Nelson
Andy He
Alex Hinton

Project Description:
The team is building a unique mobile plotter (robot) capable of drawing vector graphics, in the same vein as 2-D plotters. The robot will have motor control and instruction processing done by an LPC1115 microcontroller, and stepper motors will provide the robot with a precise method of locomotion. The Salvadoodle Doodler will doodle a place in your heart.

Team 23 Project Name: Ulticube

Project Team:
Casey Murphy
Trevor Sutter
Ryan Humphrey
Micah Moravec

Project Description:
Ulticube is a cube of 6-inch sides that attempts to balance on one of its edges. It uses the angular momentum of a spinning metal flywheel to balance itself.

Team 25 Project Name: 3D Scanner

Project Team:
Michael Harper
Sam Murray
Seth Bashford
Aaron Krause

Project Description:
Uh oh, your coffee cup just broke. Well, I guess you’ll have to print another one. The 3D Scanner is a device that takes a real world object, scans it, and generates a computer model of the object. The model can then be 3D printed to create a clone, or it can be modified at will.

Team 42 Project Name: 2-1B Spheroid

Project Team:
Morgan Erickson
Keaton Koehler
Kevin Stearns
Alex Tran

Project Description:
With the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” creating worldwide buzz, robots are in the spotlight, especially the BB8 droid. This remote-controlled vehicle is enclosed in a ball with a moveable head that stays on top even as the outer shell rolls around it. Inspired by BB8, we created the 2-1B Spheroid, another remote-controlled robot with a moveable head that also contains a camera that will stream a view of the spheroid as it moves.

Team 43 Project Name: G88 Facelock

Project Team:
Mitchell Faltin
Andrew Thielen
Matt Lawrence
Andrew Brown

Project Description:
A facial recognition security software on a lightweight platform

Team 46 Project Name: Stingray Monitoring System (SMS)

Project Team:
Ryan Durr
Heath Gress
Troy Green
Zeyang Cai

Project Description:
This system monitors the dissolved oxygen levels, temperatures and other items in backup aquatic tanks that the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha uses to house its stingray population and other aquatic creatures. Sensors can be programmed to send alerts via text message or email when levels fall outside accepted parameters. Last July, the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago lost all 54 of its stingrays in less than a day after oxygen levels dropped in their tanks for less than half of an hour.

Team 54 Project Name: G87: Robotic Hand

Project Team:
Yuanfang Shi
Dong Zhang
Casey Simonson
Yuanfang Shi

Project Description:
The mimicking hand is able to move along with the user's inputted hand movements based off of our unique code. Most of the materials were 3D printed right here at the UNL EE shop.

Team 57 Project Name: Drone Surveillance

Project Team:
Brandon Guenther
Jack Olson
Joe Gonzalez
Kossivi Agbenohevi

Project Description:
A mobile surveillance system that uses a drone with an attached camera. The drone only responds to grid detection system.

Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Team 24 Project Name: Apollo One Chair

Project Team:
Adam Vlach
John Hall
Parise Reynolds
Nicholas Perez

Project Description:
It’s time to bring the wobbly old school desk into the 21st century. The Apollo One Chair is meant to do just that. The chair is comfortable, accessible to students of nearly every shape and size, and it has a built-in battery pack to charge any electronics. The Apollo One Chair will help develop a more satisfied and productive classroom.

Team 29 Project Name: NASA Rover Robotic Arm

Project Team:
Devin Flemming
Weston Lewis
Alan Goodenburger
Blake Stewart

Project Description:
Who knows what strange, unearthly samples the NASA rover could collect? Of course, it actually needs something to collect those samples with! NASA has funded this team to develop a robot arm for their own robot to show off at the yearly NASA RASC-AL Robo Ops competition. The arm must be able to pick up 2 to 8 cm diameter rocks weighing up to 150 grams. It must also be able to accommodate long distance operation, in light rain and be easily operable.

Team 30 Project Name: Husker Motorsports

Project Team:
James Peck
Sam Buller

Project Description:
Ready! Set! Go! Husker Motorsports is a student group that designs, builds, markets, and races a miniature race-car each year at competitions in the U.S. and Canada. Each year they construct a brand new car to compete. Though it’s not a Senior Project, the group will present their project since it is heavily involved in design work.

Team 32 Project Name: Semi-Automation of a Bung Torquing Process

Project Team:
Geena Brown
John Ebke
Anthony Bertrand

Project Description:
This team is designing a project that will help Garner Industries expand their existing plastic injection molded product line to include the manufacture of 55-gallon drum lids. They are designing a machine that can automate this process. The machine uses two individually driven servo motors to twist the plugs to a specified torque.

Team 33 Project Name: Water Desalination Unit

Project Team:
Andrew Benson
Adam Aldana
Joseph Beeson
Richard Kruse
Travis Stoltenberg

Project Description:
As the demand for clean drinking water increases throughout the world, it is important to find new ways to supply it. This team’s project is a desalination device which utilizes heat to boil the water and capture and condense the water vapor into clean drinking water. The device will largely be used in third world countries, or in disaster situations.

Team 40 Project Name: Automated CNC Coolant Delivery Arm

Project Team:
Alex Culp
Merrit Blackburn
Karl Woerth
Daniel McAllister

Project Description:
A robotic arm for CNC mill coolant delivery, to be mounted on an existing machining head. The arm will rotate around the head to apply coolant from the opposite side of the tool as existing nozzles, and rotate out of the way when the mill needs to change tools. This allows for coolant to reach all sides of the tool and ensure proper cooling.

Team 41 Project Name: Design of Front Wing for a Formula SAE Car

Project Team:
Rachel Horzewski
James Peck
Brittney Bridger-Burton
Ryan Coughlin

Project Description:
The purpose of this project was to design a front wing for a Formula SAE vehicle as part of the aerodynamics package created for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Formula SAE team. In addition to creating the design, analysis was performed for manufacturability and cost as well as justification for including the wing on the vehicle despite its added weight. As a final component of the design project, our team created a wind tunnel testing plan that includes a portable, self-contained model setup that can be used in a number of different wind tunnels.

Team 45 Project Name: Load-Triggered Automatically Locking Walker

Project Team:
Phillip Knutson
Allen Pille
Huanqing Wang

Project Description:
The goal of this project is to design a walking aid device which will prevent the user from falling to either side. This is accomplished by deploying a pair of braces when a fall is imminent. An imminent fall is detected by sensing a difference in the force pressing on each of the handles. The entire system is designed to be electronics-free.

Team 47 Project Name: Airbus Shopfloor Challenge Robot - "Diane the Delta Drill"

Project Team:
Alex Drozda
Tory Weeder
Colton Bailey
Kyle Stewart

Project Description:
Our robot automates the construction process of an airliner, allowing a robotic parallel arm system to drill holes in confined or difficult-to-access spaces. This cuts down on machining costs as fewer drilling errors will be made. For an Airbus competition, the Delta Robot will drill holes in a tilted platform, using various sensors to determine the height and angle of the platform and orient the drill accordingly.

Team 50 Project Name: Husker Race to Uganda

Project Team:
Maggie Clay
Melissa Kesterson
Zachary Boyer
Dana Fuchs
Zachary Gardner
Collin Humphrey
Scott Schenkelberg
Josiah Johnson

Project Description:
We worked to fabricate and install a machine that could be used to flatten drinking straws for the Kinawataka Women Initatives group in Kampala, Uganda. This required the students traveling to Kampala over spring break to install the machine. Other aspects of this project included working in collaboration with a group of students from the business college as well as analyzing the design. After this analysis was complete a low cost alternative was design for the women.