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University of Wisconsin - Stout - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

Manufacturing Engineering students complete a two semester senior design experience. This first course is designed to give students the experience of the engineering design process by designing realistic products for manufacture. Design projects are managed by teams of students, industry mentors and faculty advisors.
The second semester is a study of dedicated and flexible manufacturing systems through the design, building and testing of a flexible manufacturing cell that produes a discrete family of parts. Design of part transfer, tooling, sensing, production control and integrated inspection systems are be emphasized.
During the course students design a functional, multi-operation production system for a family of parts. System design includes selection, setup and operation of appropriate processes, development of material transfer systems, part holding and tool guidance devices, design and implementation of a sensing and control architecture, integration of quality assurance mechanisms, and employment of sound safety considerations.
The new Computer Engineering, Plastics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering programs will have similar capstone design experiences as that curriculum gets developed.