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University of Wisconsin - Stout - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

UW-Stout is Wisconsin's Polytechnic University and a special mission university within the University of Wisconsin System. UW-Stout's programs prepare students to meet the demands of today's technological workplace. The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is proud of the 14 undergraduate and five graduate degree programs we offer. UW-Stout is set apart from other institutions for many reasons, including:

A "hands-on, minds-on" philosophy that encourages students to learn not only through the traditional methods of instruction, but also through applying theory to practice. Facilities are balanced almost equally between classrooms and laboratories. At least 25 percent of instruction takes place in one of UW-Stout's excellent laboratories
where students test theories learned in the classroom through work with real problems.

The opportunity for students to gain valuable professional experience before they graduate by participating in one of UW-Stout's off-campus programs, in addition to the classroom and laboratory experience. Students can choose from a cooperative education experience, a field experience or an internship. These supervised work experiences allow students to apply classroom theory to real problems. Work may be part- or full-time, for a summer or longer, in a position related to the student's major. Most often students are paid for their work as they earn academic credit.

A focus on career development. Each of the programs within the College of Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is focused on a specific profession. The consistently high employment rate of UW-Stout graduates of nearly 100 percent indicates the strength and focus of the individual programs.

Opportunities to gain leadership experience in professional student organizations. Within the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more than 25 professional organizations have student chapters on campus. Participation in these organizations complements professional development and provides students more opportunities to learn in real world settings.

A unique blending of courses in career and professional areas with courses in the arts and sciences. Merging general with professional education helps students to become well-rounded.

An environment where teamwork is stressed. Many classes enable students to work in a cooperative teamwork setting. Teamwork and communication skills are highly valued and expected by today's employers.

A faculty whose primary goal is teaching. UW-Stout's national reputation, modern facilities and highly specialized programs enable the university to attract top educators. Many are recognized leaders in their fields, and many come to the university after holding high-level positions in national or international firms. Actively involved in advising students, faculty are willing to answer students' questions and help them solve problems.

Excellent facilities that are modern and well-equipped, and that support the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics specialized programs. The college houses some of the most comprehensive teaching laboratories in the nation.